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Javi Ara/Jose Antonio Cerro/Paulo Mosca, animators
TRIMONO Company, animation
Paulo Mosca/Alexander Nowak/Abel Sanchez, art directors
Feliks Richter, writer
Kevin Brady/Graeme Hall, VH1/Menno Kluin/Sean Saylor/Guillermo Vega, creative directors
Kerry Keenan, executive creative director
Evan Mangiamele, sound designer
Gloria Pitagorsky, executive producer
Jessica Dierauer, executive agency producer
Nathy Aviram/Lora Schulson, executive directors of production
Switch FX, post-production company
Young & Rubicam, ad agency
VH1, client
To continue the brand campaign thought that there is a Wonderful World of Vh1, we hit upon the truth that as a musician you can be loved for love, hated for love, and loved for hate, all within one career. "Fake Love" :60 (Open on a teenage musician playing a small school concert. He shouts out, "I love you!" The teenage girl-filled crowd goes wild. Cut to the same musician a few years later, playing a small town venue. He screams out, "Huntington, I love you!" The crowd goes wild. In the crowd, we see someone holding up their phone to hear the acclamation. Cut to the same musician, now playing on top of a building in a city a few years later. A large crowd is gathered below, stopping traffic. He shouts out, "New York..." Cut to the musician now playing a massive arena, with huge video screens behind him. He shouts out, "AMERICA! I LOVE YOU!" The crowd goes wild again. Cut to the musician on a chat show) Host: So, who are your influences?" Musician: I love you. (Cut to the musician very drunk at a party. He shouts out, "I love you all" before crashing to the floor. Cut to the musician recording a new song. The lyrics are "I loooooove yoooou oo ooh ooh." It's awful. We see the song falling down through the charts. Cut to the musician playing a smallish venue. There are hardly any people watching. His manager walks out. The musician calls out desperately, "I love you." Cut to the musician running after the manager outside the venue. The manager drives off as the musician calls out, "But I love you..." Cut to the musician standing at a bus stop in the pouring rain. He gets onto the bus, muttering, "I love you. I love you? I love you?! I LOVE you?" Someone barges past him and takes the last seat. This breaks him. He falls to his knees, and through gritted teeth, says, "I....hate you?" The person in the seat says, "Excuse me?" The musician stands up tall and shouts out, "I FREAKING HATE YOU!!!" A kid on the bus stands up and says, "NICE!" This is an epiphany for the musician. He marches over to his manager's office, knocks on the door, and screams, "I HATE YOU" in his face. The manager's eyes light up as he sees the musical potential of this. Cut to the manager putting a leather jacket on the musician. The musician mutters, "I hate you" Cut to the musician at all the venues we saw him playing at the beginning, but this time in leathers. He screams out, "I...HATE...YOU!" and ends up huge, as big as a planet, dominating the earth. Cut to the Vh1 logo) Super: THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF Vh1."

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