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Michael Ferrare/Juan-Carlos Morales, art directors
Dustin Ballard/David Gonzales/Justin Kramm/Franklin Tipton, writers
Jeff Benjamin/Andrew Keller/Bill Wright, creative directors
Alex Bogusky, executive creative director
Barbarian Group/Milky Elephant, developers
Crispin Porter + Bogusky, project design and development/ad agency
Virgin Atlantic Airways, client

"It's rare when you come across an online campaign that's engaging and makes you laugh out loud. These banners are brilliantly fun—just like flying on Virgin." —juror Kevin Flatt

"Every ad agency wants to create a campaign that's as funny, memorable and conceptually relevant as this one. It delivers the message that a Virgin flight is relaxing and at the same time, it's so much fun that you spend loads of time playing with it. It’s an excellent example of a campaign that days after you’ve experienced it, you can still recall the name of the company and the message they were trying to deliver—not an easy feat." —juror Melissa Haworth

Overview: Part of an integrated marketing campaign, these banners sought to educate business travelers on the ins and outs of Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class product. Though small in file size, they nonetheless allowed users to interact with the company's brand in fun and unexpected ways.

• Click through rate 12% more than average
• Some banners allowed users to upload images
• File size between 25 and 30K
• 1-month development time

Comments by Jeff Benjamin:
"Oooooh. Aaaaaah. Mmmmmmmmm.

"The opportunity to work for one of the coolest brands in the world was something we found very appealing. When we learned more about it and found that it truly did reflect the maverick spirit and entrepreneurial drive of founder, Richard Branson, we got even more fired up.

"Telling Virgin Atlantic Airways's story of building a better airline since 1984 and taking on the establishment with unique products in a category where companies continue to take away instead of add, is precisely the type of job we relish.

"Traditional work for the airline's 'Go Jet Set Go!' campaign featured billboards, inserts in magazines and newspaper ads that focused on features of the flying experience. This banner campaign brought it all online, allowed us to extend our original concept and bring the features to life.

"The rippling textures and massage moans used on the Massage banner provide people with an 'almost firsthand' experience of how relaxing it is to be on a Virgin flight. The tingling feeling we get when interacting with the banner could be one reason for some of the highest click-through rates ever for banners in the travel category.

"The most interactive of the banners is one that allows people to upload photos of coworkers or friends, give them haircuts and send the makeovers via e-mail. Our creatives spent countless hours exacting revenge on creative directors heads, but more importantly they brought the experience of the Touch Salon at all Virgin Clubhouses to life. It's probably not too hard to imagine the large file size a banner would need to do all of this, and more. Lucky for us our producer was able to come up with an elaborate loading system that started with an initial 30k load that gradually received information as it was needed.

"The Dreams banner promotes Virgin's fully flat bed—perfect for dreaming—by allowing people to have their dreams interpreted. The banner told us it was a premonition and that great things were about to happen. So we’re really not surprised by the success of the campaign."


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