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Rita Lidji, art director
Vas Sloutchevsky, creative director
Dan LaCivita/Gicheol Lee, programmers
Firstborn, project design and development
Bacardi USA, client

"Smooth, elegant and flawless, this site relies on Flash technology to present the information in a dynamic and engaging manner." —juror Elena Blanco

"This site's as clean and pure as you'd expect for a high-end tequila—it's true to the design of the packaging and embodies a more modern Mexico. It made me want to immediately go to the store." —juror Kevin Flatt

Overview: With its well-designed bottle, Corzo attempts to bring elegance and luxury to tequila, a beverage that doesn't always command it. This minimalist site responds to the company's exclusive branding and creates a subtle presence that suggests the clean smooth taste of the liquor itself.

• 2.4 MB total file size
• 6-person team
• 8-week development time

Comments by Vas Sloutchevsky and Jeremy Berg:
"It was clear from the start that Bacardi USA didn't want Corzo.com to be an ordinary site about tequila. This was a special product, and both teams knew it. All of us here at Firstborn were wowed by the unusual and elegant bottle that we dubbed 'eau-de-tequila.'

"The site design was directly inspired by this beautiful bottle as well as the ad campaign conceived by famed designer of fragrance bottles, Fabien Baron. Like the bottle, the site had to reflect what its audience, discriminating cocktail drinkers, is all about. Like the tequila, the site had to be 'ultra premium.'

"We studied the images supplied to us by Baron and created a series of interfaces that matched the brand. When developing our design directions, we approached the project from three different angles: one original concept focused on a more complicated interactive scheme; another on a macro close-up approach; and the third on a subtle, uncluttered design with fluid transitions and a sliding, hidden navigation.

"The client ultimately selected the third direction. We were thrilled with their choice.

"As present on the live site, the shape of the interface takes its cue from the shape of a bottle, which is unusually angular for a liquor product. Architectural images of Luis Barragán's visions of modern Mexico, which in turn provided inspiration for Baron, added dimension to the otherwise ordinary product information. To complement the experience, we hired Igor Inozemtsev to compose the three unique ambient tracks found in the music player. And finally, as an added bonus, we created two downloadable screensavers, one of them featuring Barragán's minimalist sculptural compositions in changing daylight conditions. In the end, it was a perfect way to present an open-air exhibit."


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