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Max Pfennighaus, Arnold Worldwide|Boston, art director/programmer
Robert Borges, writer
Kai Fang/Dan Madole, creative directors/photographers
Danielle Staudenmayer, producer
giantnumber5 photography/Max Pfennighaus, Arnold Worldwide|Boston, project design and development
giantnumber5 photography, client

"A fast, interesting, visually appealing site that utilizes a simple yet efficient navigation." —juror Elena Blanco

"It's nice to see something that isn't trying too hard to be slick. The retro feel of this site works because the animations are deliberate and considered." —juror Robert Hodgin

Overview: Targeting advertising agencies looking for images with a unique style and approach, this site tries to capture the offbeat and improvisational personality of photography team Giant Number 5.

• Manually coded
• 6MB file size
• Roughly 3-dozen portfolio images

Comments by Dan Madole, Kai Fang and Max Pfennighaus:
"How we created an award winning site: Dan: What if we hire a real giant? Kai: OK, but where are we going to find a giant? Dan: My brother's kind of big. Kai: Huh? Max: Hey, I've got some ideas. I'll send them over tomorrow. Three months later: Dan: Dude, have you heard from Max? Kai: Nope. Dan: Hey Max, where are those ideas? Max (E-mail Auto Reply): I'll be in Mexico February 11 - February 17. If you need immediate assistance please contact Margie at x7315. Adios Amigos. Four months later: Max: Hey guys. Had a thought about the G5 site. What if we do schematics? Kai: But what does that have to do with giantnumber5? Dan: Nothing. But it's kinda cool. Kai: OK, as long as it's in that Flash thing I keep hearing about. Three months later: Max: Guys. Test site file attached. See below. Dan: Ooops, found a typo. Kai: Guys, check this out (Paris Hilton video attached). One month later: Dan: Max, love it. Kai: ' thought we were still entertaining the whole giant idea. Dan: Ooops, found another typo. Kai: And the colors look kinda funny. Five months later: Max: Guys, the site's going live on Monday. Eight months later: Max: OK, the site's up. Woody Kay: Where are the damn giants? When you think about something for two years, it better be good."


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