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Hyungrin Cho/Hyunbok Jung, s
Euna Seol, art director/creative director
Sunyoung Jung/Euna Seol/Hyunjin Yoo, writers
Juyeon Ahn/Hyungrin Cho/Hyunbok Jung/Yonghyun Kim/Jakyung Koo/Euna Seol, graphic designers
Jonghoon Kim, 3-D designer
Sunyoung Jung, information architect
Yongseok Choi/Taehyun Her, programmers
Santa Graffiti/Younghoon Ham, illustrators
Kwanghyun Seo, photographer
Woonggi Jun/Jungyoung Park, sound designers
PostVisual.com, project design and development
Jeeyoung Jang/Sonwoong Kim, Pantech & Curitel, clients

"I can't avoid saying it, this site is 'so cool.' It encourages the user to investigate, explore and interact with it in a fun, different and creative way." —juror Elena Blanco

"This site has heart. Its sense of play, humor and energy really make it stand out." —juror Jonathan Hills

Overview: The 'So Cool, Curitel' site uses cell phone provider Pantech & Curitel's products to create an entertaining experience for twenty-somethings. Visitors can watch videos and take part in interactive games that directly convey the company's brand messaging.

• 17 Flash files totaling 100MB
• Heavy use of still and video animation
• 5,000 unique visitors per day

Comments by Jungwon Lee and Euna Seol:
"As more and more consumers put brand image first when making a purchase, branding is becoming the name of the game in modern society. A strong brand image stimulates sales, guarantees reliability and enhances long-term relationships between a company and its customers. Its importance as a marketing element is huge—and growing.

"'So Cool' was designed as part of a Web-branding strategy for Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech & Curitel. The goal was to strengthen Curitel's image, make it familiar among users in the target audience and to increase its value as a brand—without explicit advertising. The result is a seamless fusion of unique product concepts and brand message that promotes interaction with the site and Curitel's products.

"We wanted the content to include identifiable images from daily life and from pop culture—with a twist. As an example, So Cool, S4 uses action figure animations to present the S4 product line. We thought that action figures would most accurately represent the challenging, manic and active personalities of a youthful generation, who are the targets for the product. And Make Your Cool allows users to express their definition of cool through graffiti, one of the most pure forms of anti-establishment self-expression. In the end, the site really succeeds at capturing the bold style of the youthful audience.

"It was a true pleasure to work on a project that met the needs of the client while also fulfilling our desire for creativity; the icing on the cake is a satisfied audience. Ultimately, we hope that the site will be a leading case study in the era of 'the brand.'"


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