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Adam Johnson/Ronald Kurniawan, graphic designers
Robert Dennis, creative director
Ashley Ringrose, programmer/information architect
Leonardo Zamboni, project manager
Soap Creative, project design and development
Julian Wolkenstein, client

"I appreciated the simplicity and intuitive means for navigating this artist's work."—juror Elena Blanco

"Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, 'A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.' This site couldn’t be more concise. It’s simplicity of design and navigation is what makes it both beautiful and endearing." —juror Melissa Haworth

Overview: Built to showcase the work of advertising photographer Julian Wolkenstein, this site's clean and fresh design rests on a content management system that makes updates simple as well.

• 300K initial load
• 3-week development time
• Custom content management system

Comments by Ashley Ringrose:
"Photography sites are always fun; the challenge is to come up with a creative solution, that feels fresh, without taking away from the work that's on display.

"Julian wanted the site to have a sense of humor, much like his work, which is filled with hidden details. So we matched his style by using random backgrounds and subtle animations. Really, why decide on one background when you can have twenty and make it random?

"We also wanted to make the site as simple as possible and easy for busy art directors and art buyers in agencies to browse and get a feel for Julian's work. It was important that we not confuse them or create a need for instructions on how to use the site.

"After going back and forth between the idea of a small exhibition on a white space on a wall, to a work-in-progress wall that we imagined would be present at each of Julian's shoots (despite the fact that he shoots 100% digital), we decided to do a pin board. Since Julian is constantly shooting new work, all the photos and details can be updated through a simple content management system, so it appears as though the board travels the world on his shoots.

"Having a client who understands the creative process helped immensely, Julian was able to see our rough pencil sketches and understand the concept behind them. He not only helped by supplying all the images in the correct sizes and already compressed, but when we asked for 'wacky background environments' for the pin board, he sent us twenty—ready to insert.

"This project was a breeze. From pencil sketch to live, the project ran three weeks."


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