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Anh Tuan Pham, art director
Allegra Burnette, MoMA, creative director
Kimba Granlund/Chris Lasch, programmers
Marcie Muscat/Jason Persse, MoMA, editors
Jodie Gatlin, production artist
Shannon Darrough, MoMA, project manager
For Office Use Only, project design and development

Launch Site

"The navigation on this site is incredible and one of the best examples of form meeting function that I’ve seen in quite some time; it's the perfect expression of content." —juror Melissa Haworth

"This feels like a site made by and for people who love buildings. Graceful interaction design condenses information into digestible widgets. And a reliance on visual communication and interactive comparisons organize the meaty content." —juror Jacquie Moss

Overview: Launched in conjunction with a Museum of Modern Art exhibit, this site focuses on providing a comparative analysis of different buildings. By sorting through different categories, visitors can compare buildings in relation to each other and also view them in their larger social, cultural and technological contexts.

• Over 1,000 dynamically populated images
• Individual page downloads average between 75 and 125KB
• Quick comparison of buildings by multiple criteria

Comments by  Allegra Burnette:
"This project was one of those rare experiences where everything seemed to fall into place all along the way. We had worked with For Office Use Only (FOUO) on a couple of projects previously and knew that Anh Tuan and his colleagues would bring a lot to the table. We were certainly proven correct in our assumption.

"One of the challenges with creating an online subsite in connection with a physical exhibition is determining the relationship between the two: Is the content the same? How are the themes of the exhibition being conveyed in the site? Is the design similar?

"FOUO dove deeply into a process of understanding the content and how the physical exhibition was laid out—the completed site reflects their understanding. The exhibition consisted of wall graphics, done as a kind of band of wallpaper around the gallery and freestanding models that, when installed together, created a kind of cityscape. They took the concept, pulled it apart, and put it back together in ways that can only be explored through the various means of interactive media. The site not only reflects the exhibition, but also serves to enhance and extend its life long after the exhibition has closed.

"The internal MoMA team was also particularly strong, with content developed by curators Terence Riley and Tina diCarlo, and a gentle guiding hand provided by Shannon Darrough as project manager. We've heard that the site has been incorporated into several architectural courses, which I think is particularly gratifying to everyone on the team."


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