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Pat Heick, creative director
Phil Rampulla, interface designer
Mattie Langenberg/Jeff Soukup/Angie Wang, developers
Elizabeth Cook, project manager
VSA Partners, Inc., project design and development
Wilson Sporting Goods, client

"This site was a pleasure to explore. The clean lines and vivid photography make this site really stand out from the masses. I was worried I would suffer information overload, but the amazing amount of content is delivered in a very precise way which never seemed overwhelming." —juror Robert Hodgin

"This site offers deep information for a detail-demanding audience, and does so with an appropriate blend of technologies. It even maintains Web standards and accessibility guidelines—a crucial issue for reaching an entire audience." —juror Jeffrey Veen

Overview: This site provides a new channel for golf enthusiasts who have eagerly awaited the return of the Wilson Staff brand. Designed to grow and change, it can easily adapt as new products are introduced to various markets around the world.

• 40+ products featured
• 7-person team, 3-month cumulative development time
• 70K average individual page download
• 41MB total file size

Comments by Pat Heick:
"The original plan for this site was that it would be created for a U.S.-only audience. However, the first phase of the site was so well received by the Wilson internal teams that they began to direct all English-speaking markets to the site.

"We created a site that could grow over time as new products were released to various markets around the world. One early challenge was how we would create intrigue and interest without giving away too much. Discussions with the sales force revealed concerns that showing too much of what's to come, too early on, might cannibalize on late year sales possibilities of the current product line. So, we all decided to roll out the site in three phases.

"After discussing how to properly tease the audience and create an emotional tie-in to Wilson Staff, we decided the first phase would be a piece, available from the homepage, titled 'Why Golf.' It featured elements of the new branding campaign, sneak peeks at products and reasons why golfers love the game. For this feature, we focused more on the storytelling aspect of the brand, lending credibility and richness to its revival.

"The second phase launched several months later and offered more information about the new product line. Photography, video and illustrations highlighted the new designs and technology of the Wilson Staff brand. This phase really acted as a sneak peak for golfers and the industry to view the product and its new technologies for the first time.

"The third and final launch of the site coincided with the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show. We repurposed elements of the second site to create an engaging and informational site for those seeking out the new Wilson Staff. We showcased the depth of the line by providing more product detail, technology showcases and specifications for dealers and consumers.

"The end result is a site that delves into the history and tradition of the brand, but also features modern communications, such as the new television advertising and media reaction to the launch."


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