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James Barber, writer/project manager
Troy Lachance, creative director/programmer
National Portrait Gallery, project design and development

Launch Site

"With great content and a flawless Flash execution, this site functions like a well-designed machine." —juror Kevin Farnham

"What a fantastic presentation. You begin by navigating through covers to examine the art and you emerge, a long time later, having experienced a brief history of the twentieth century." —juror Paula Willard

Overview: Cover Art presents a compelling variety of personalities who have graced the cover of Time magazine over the last three-quarters of a century. Its subjects include heroes and rogues, queens and presidents, popes and pop stars, singers and athletes, all accessed through an oversized, sliding navigation.

• 55 portraits, 9 audio clips
• 2-person team, 4-month development time
• 24MB total file size Zoomify image enhancement

Comments by Troy LaChance:
"This site was conceived and created to showcase about 50 objects from the Portrait Gallery's collection of Time magazine cover art, which consists of nearly 2,000 artworks. Most of the pieces are held in storage and rarely seen, but with this site we hoped to use this compelling collection to appeal to younger, more diverse audiences.

"Some of the site's core assets include large, zoomable images of the original cover art juxtaposed with Time covers, audio clips for some of the featured personalities and a fun, playful presentation of the images that visitors can navigate simply by moving their mouse around.

"We typically design our sites to optimally display at 800 x 600 but with this site the gallery expanded beyond most resolutions, and worked a little differently for each image. So, it was a little tricky designing the interface without a set resolution in mind; it took a lot of playing around to make it work well for all screen resolutions.

"The Time collection is large, and with the limitless possibilities of the medium we could have showcased a large portion of it; however, we decided to limit the number of objects so we could focus more on making the images we chose, compelling for visitors. Ultimately, we featured a representative sample of the collection and an as-wide-as-possible range of personalities and art. We focused on a select few notable Americans in a variety of fields.

"The small selection made it possible to design a playful navigation for the gallery, present large compelling images for each object and really focus on interpreting each selection by adding things like a zoom feature and audio."


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