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Aaron Dietz, art director
Mandy Dietz, writer
Keith Anderson/Albert Kelly/Steve Mapp, creative directors
Carey Head, producer
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, project design and development

"A great concept thoroughly executed in a way that shows, and explains, the product in an unique and memorable way." —juror Todd Purgason

"Quirky, fun and effective." —juror Paula Willard

Overview: Cycling meets science class in this site for Specialized bicycles. Users poke around to learn how Specialized gear works with the body, while graphic dissections of muscles and skeletons—complete with squishy sound effects—make learning science just as unsettling as it used to be.

• 10 featured products
• 3.8GB total file size
• 2-month production time
• 400,000 hits as of May, 2006

Comments by Mandy Dietz and Aaron Dietz:
"Body Geometry cycling gear is all about protecting and supporting what's on the inside—nerves, soft tissue, bones. After immersing ourselves in the science of the gear, we thought it made perfect sense to use dissections and anatomical imagery to bring it all to life. Plus, who doesn't want to see a guy with no skin riding a bike?

"Since accuracy was really important on this project. We worked closely with a by-the-book medical doctor who would say, 'No, that's not what that artery looks like. It's more like this.' Then he'd draw it correctly on our layouts.

"For sound effects, we decided to shoot for gross. A few squishes and slices add to the realism. Our hope is that people will leave the site feeling a little more human."


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