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Adhemas Batista, art director/illustrator
Luciana Haguiara, writer
Sergio Mugnaini/Marcello Serpa, creative directors
Raphael Carvalho/Flavio Ramos/Fabricio Zuardi, programmers
Ana Maria Machado, producer
Almap BBDO, project design and development/ad agency
Havaianas Alpargatas, client

"I adore this site. It makes you want to explore. Leave it to Brazil to come up with something that's the interactive equivalent to 'The Girl from Ipanema.'" —juror Kevin Farnham

"Amazing sense of style and attention to detail! Beautifully crafted animation and sound draw you into the site and lead you to the product in a really wonderful and surprising way. A truly mesmerizing experience." —juror Susan Easton

Overview: Showing off the Havaianas sandal line, while speaking the language of fashion, this site features a different illustration style and musical arrangement for every shoe the company makes. Organized by consistent but barely perceptible guidelines, it continually surprises its visitors with elaborate animations and vibrant splashes of color.

• 6 full versions, 3 different languages
• Worldwide store finder
• 120,000 unique visitors per month
• 1 song with a different arrangement for every shoe

Comments by Sergio Mugnaini:
"The challenge was to find a way of illustrating more than twelve different Havaianas styles, including all their colors and specifications, without taking a hard sales approach or, worse, being boring.

"The site needed to contain an extensive amount of content about the brand including product information, the markets where it's available and the advertising campaigns that support the brand. We also wanted a special place where Havaianas addicts could send their stories and declarations of love. We had a lot to accomplish, all of it while speaking the language of fashion. Havaianas World is the result.

"Attributing a 'lifestyle' to each type of Havaianas, we created niches for the different styles, using attitude as the basis for the illustrations, colors and animations. The approach was duplicated on the product pages where we also developed a custom system for each style.

"Music became a way for us to convey the idea that Havaianas are universal sandals that suit every place and every person. By creating different arrangements of the same jingle, we created a theme for each section that helped convey the concept behind each different style. While visitors navigate, they can listen to the same song with different rhythms and styles.

"In the end, Havaianas World is a playful, multicolored, interactive experience."


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