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Jorge Calleja, art director
Justin Bernard/Kenneth Macy/Brian Miller, graphic designers
Todd Purgason, creative director
Eric Lim, developer
Victor Allen/Erik Bianchi, programmers
Kristen Myers, project manager
Juxt Interactive, project design and development

"The quirky illustration style and animation approach gives this Nestea product an edge and the great details make for an engaging experience that calls out for interaction and play." —juror Susan Easton

"With its retro-modern style and distinctive illustrations, this unique and intricate interface exudes cool. It's an exploratory online branding initiative that entertains and refreshes." —juror Ian Coyle

Overview: This uniquely absurd site introduces the world to Nestea Ice, a sweetened tea that cools your mouth while you drink. Targeting college-age men, it features a 3-D interface, a Flash game and several humorous videos.

• 3 original videos
• 12-person team, 4-month development time
• Rapping puppet made of ice cubes
• Custom T-shirt making application

Comments by Todd Purgason:
"Nestea Ice was one of those special projects that don't come around very often. Not only is the product unique, but the client was extremely open-minded. They basically gave us the reins and said, 'Go for it.' So we did.

"Pretty much everyone in the office was involved in this project, which really made it a lot of fun, but I think one of the most memorable aspects was the creation of the Ice Splash video. We'd pitched a series of viral videos that involved splashing ice water on unaware people, but as we got closer to the shoot we felt like we needed to do more to make them entertaining.

"So, we took everyone from the office out one Friday and dressed one of our art directors as a Mexican wrestler and a project manager as a Dutch boy polka band member. We filmed a bunch of craziness and edited the day's shoot into a parody of a silent movie by adding some fun copy and a soundtrack. When we presented it to the client, who had no context for what we were showing them, they had a great time with it.

"We all worked really hard and poured ourselves into this project to make it as good as it could be. We're really proud of the outcome."


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