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Fenton Butcher/John Reeves, JWT New York/Damian Totman, art directors
Simon Kavanagh/Peter Seterdahl, JWT New York, writers
Katrina Howells, creative director
Toby Barlow/Walt Connelly, JWT New York, executive creative directors
Axel Chaldecott, JWT London, chief creative officer
Howard Boland/Caroline Butterworth, programmers
Alan Makepeace/Michael Udell, project managers
RMG Connect, project design and development
JWT London/JWT New York, ad agencies
Heather McCracken/Andrea Newman/Regan Savage, HSBC, clients

"This interface is fun and the statistics regarding world opinion are clear and compelling." —juror Diane Andolsek

"This 'research platform' is a really nice way to actively bring the brand to life. It promotes self-expression and encourages dialog." —juror Susan Easton

Overview: HSBC Bank is interested in individual differences. To demonstrate the point, this unique site provides a way to observe, investigate and interact with the opinions held by people around the world.

• Rich Flash and accessible HTML versions
• Comments sections for user interpretation
• 1/2-second average wait time per clicked link

Comments by Michael Udell:
"Launched in October 2005, yourpointofview.com had been in formulation since the early part of the year; it changed form and structure but always stayed true to HSBC's objectives.

"After a number of brainstorms focusing on possible content and functionality we realized that the potential of the site was huge, we just had to remain focused. There was the risk of creating a global dating Web site, connecting people with similar points of view across a range of topics, but that wasn't our task.

"To develop an engaging platform that illustrates different points of view, we focused on the topics brought to life in the initial TV and print campaigns (modern art, cloning, wind farms, haute couture and gorillas) and attempted to understand how people reacted to them.

"We overlaid various points of view with personal information that we collected across a range of questions. And to ensure that the site would be fun and engaging we managed to steer away from the typical questions a bank might ask. What we ended up with were questions like 'Where do you live?,' with answer choices that included 'uptown,' 'downtown,' 'out of town' and 'no town.'

"During the creation of this site, the office became a vault of interesting and unusual facts relevant to the topics we were launching. A shortlist included: * Rhythmic gymnastics was made an Olympic sport in 1984 though only four percent of the world actually thinks it's a sport. * Dueling with toy guns is illegal in Massachusetts. * Gorillas laugh when they're tickled and cry when they're sad, however only eighteen percent of people think they're similar to humans.

"As a matter of fact, we've since christened one member of the team 'Fact Man,' and there's no stopping him in his quest to find out information about the topics published on the site."


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