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Israel Diaz/Peter Gomes, Leo Burnett Canada/Ian Kay, art directors
Len Preskow/Arthur Shah, Leo Burnett Canada, writers
Peter Gomes, lead designer/director
Shirley Ward-Taggart, creative director
Judy John, Leo Burnett Canada, chief creative officer
Mike Findlay/Dan Purdy, programmers
Hubert Bandurski, technology director
Dan Purdy, sound designer
Dean Sterling, Yo, the Humanity, composer
ARC Worldwide/Leo Burnett Canada, project design and development
Leo Burnett Canada, client

"Without a doubt, the most fun I've had with navigation. Getting there is half the fun. But if wandering and discovering is confusing or if someone has a specific destination in mind, a 'Feeling Lost?" button takes them directly where they want to go." —juror Lou Kinard

"A really slick Flash implementation of a nice concept." —juror Kevin Farnham

Overview: Based on founder Leo Burnett's belief that big ideas come out of big black pencils, this site is a multi-dimensional, multi-layered canvas that uses his classic pencil icon as a cursor. Its sketching interface provides every user with a unique experience and the possibility of inadvertently creating a unique work of art.

• 32 audio files
• 96 Flash movies
• 3-level information hierarchy with 506 files in 48 folders
• QCT Flash content management system

Comments by the Arc Worldwide Toronto Team:
"As every ad agency will tell you: 'It's all about the creative.' So it's ironic that most agency sites are just credential books online—as was our original Leo Burnett site. For the new, redesigned leoburnett.ca we set out to build an agency site like no other by, 1) focusing on only our best creative; 2) minimizing corporate content, while honoring our culture; and 3) abandoning a traditional navigation.

"Conceptually, the site is grounded on Leo's belief that big ideas come from big pencils. To bring our concept to life, the site has a hand-drawn look and is built on a multi-dimensional, multi-layered black-and-white canvas where users explore the content randomly instead of traveling a linear path.

"The black pencil (drawing sound effects included) is a dynamic cursor that leaves an organic pencil trail in its wake. Apples and stars house Leo's timeless wisdoms, which explode to life on mouse-over; seductive lateral and zooming movements characterize the overall site experience; and each piece of showcased creative is introduced with an animated feature, a unique visual sequence that supports the creative or brand idea.

"Fueled by an advanced content management system to facilitate ongoing additions and edits, making the site happen took tons of experimentation and the power of Flash 7. And we're extremely proud of it.

"It's a true reflection of our creativity and spirit and represents a brilliant collaboration between Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide teams. We look forward to the evolution of our organic work of art as it rolls out across our global network."


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