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Petter Ringbom, art director
Dan Arbello, graphic designer
Doug Lloyd, creative director
Laurel Ptak, producer
Flat, project design and development
The American Red Cross, client

"An elegant and sophisticated solution to a difficult subject. Subtle animation and a classic layout service the power of the content. When you have this kind of a message, restraint is the key." —juror Keith Anderson

"This project beautifully connects a wide range of content to form an intelligent, sophisticated and emotionally powerful experience." —juror David Young

Overview: Detailing the Red Cross response to the events of September 11, this cleanly-designed site offers a wealth of video and audio content. With multiple navigation options and a surprisingly detailed timeline, it offers yet another perspective of that tragic day.

• 50 video interviews, 25 audio interviews
• 25 artifact images
• 5-person team, 9-month development time

Comments by Jeffrey Hon, Petter Ringbom and Doug Lloyd:
"This was an out-of-the-ordinary project from the start. As a design firm with an office in lower Manhattan we were directly affected by the event and its aftermath. It was both an honor and a challenge to work with a topic that carried, and still carries, so much emotional weight for everybody involved. Every decision, whether visual, structural or textual needed to be thought through very carefully in order to insure that we were presenting an accurate and respectful picture of the work of the Red Cross.

"The folks at the Red Cross worked tirelessly, and selflessly, for five years to help everyone, affected by the events of September 11th, recover. It's all too easy to forget the affect this work has on those providing it. It's our hope, that by documenting the efforts of the people at the Red Cross, that they might find some level of closure, dignity and pride in their service. 

"If there was ever any doubt about design being an engine, and not a vanity, it was eliminated with this project. Not only was the project satisfying on a professional level, but the site and the complementary report pay tribute to the difficult work that so many people at the Red Cross accomplished in the midst of so much pain. Nearly everyone who has seen these materials has noted that we achieved exactly the right tone. It was not an easy task."


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