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Craig Erickson, graphic designer
Jason Keimig, programmer
SectionSeven Inc., project design and development/client

"A flawless, fun design that proves that you don't have to interact to engage." —juror Keith Anderson

"Hip, cool and inspired designs. This site is the perfect container to showcase their gorgeous work. Each project is like gazing at a totally delicious cupcake; it looks so good, you just want to devour it." —juror Robin Naughton

Overview: An updated take on a traditional book interface, this site captures the essence of SectionSeven by blending old world metaphors with a modern technical approach. Best of all is the navigation, which involves a not-to-be-missed page-turning effect.

• 13 featured projects, 57 images
• Laptop friendly version
• Perspective rendering effects

Comments by Craig Erickson and Jason Keimig:
"So we made ourselves a site, one of the most feared of all creative endeavors. In the end, since we're such a small shop and trust in one another's areas of talent and expertise, it was actually pretty painless.

"We still like the traditional book approach to present a portfolio, but we wanted the approach on the Flash platform to be something more realistic and submersive than the popular page-turning techniques that seem to proliferate. The idea of perceived space that can expand an array of project books, that in turn open to one large horizontal scrolling gallery, all based upon an organized file structure, intrigued us enough to give it an applied try.

"The latest versions of the Flash player allow for affine transformations, that, when tessellated to a high-enough degree, allow for perspective-like rendering without any special drivers or hardware. By employing this technique and breaking bitmaps up during run-time, we were able to generate the perspective-like page flip, which we felt was more pleasing and lent a more natural flow to the site.

"We designed with the details of the structure instead of designing on top of the structure. The result (and the part that excites us most) is that no graphic element, from the earliest loading bars to the opened project books, is ever unnecessary or gratuitous.

"The site took several months to develop, test and polish not counting the many months of content production. Small tweaks were added to complement the content and enhance usability/discoverability. The site will stretch to maximize the amount of content to display: If you have two or three monitors it will expand across all of them; if you're on a laptop, the content scales to accommodate the smaller real estate.

"Ultimately, the toughest decisions were about what work to show and how to present it. Once a clear picture of the content was developed, we designed and created a system to display it in an involving manner."


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