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Hiroaki Makino/Yukichi Shikata/Daisuke Suzuki, art directors
Keigo Kurihara/Takaaki Yagi, FORM::PROCESS, graphic designers
Yasuhito Imai/Tomokatsu Takayama/Kiyohiko Yagishita, creative directors
Whit Friese, executive creative director
Hisashi Tamai, TKO Inc., photographer
Ryo Mochizuki, producer
Beacon Communications K.K., project design and development
The IAMS Company, client

"Some banner ads move in ways that try to grab, even steal, the viewer's attention. This ad's movement is consistent with its message, which makes the message more authentic and thus, more powerful." —juror Liz Castro

"A fun spin on an old media space. And it doesn’t require any copy to interact and have fun with the brand. Now, if only they made food for humans." —juror Jeff Benjamin

Overview: With a dog that ignores confinement to make his way across the page, this banner accentuates the special love a dog has for its food. Remarkable for its lack of copy, the ad relies on movement to bring home its message and proves that a big budget isn't necessary if you have a clever idea and a friendly pet.

• 1 agency, 1 client and 1 French Bulldog
• Movement that emphasizes the message

Comments by Beacon Communications K.K.:
"There were two things we wanted to achieve with this assignment: First, to be extremely entertaining and second, to create something that was entirely unique to the Web. We knew we needed something simple that could work by visual alone. We chose an idea that depicted the true nature of the relationship between a dog and its food.

"The client loved and bought the idea, but when it came to the production stage, there was neither a budget nor time. There was not even enough money to cast a dog, which of course was crucial to the concept.

"Makino, the art director and father of the idea, had no choice but to turn to his own beloved dog, Apollo, a good-looking, friendly, French Bulldog. He is not smart. For that matter, his only forte is that he's sprightly. Obviously it was not going to be the same as shooting a professionally trained dog. "On the day of the shoot, Makino had to be both art director and animal trainer. We then cut and pasted together the best footage."


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