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Mike Hansen, Mindflood, art director
Hilary Read, writer
Nikolai Cornell, George P. JohnsonGeorge P. Johnson/Chris Lund, Mindflood/Hilary Read, creative directors
Chris Kief, MindfloodMindflood, technology director
Jami Beaton, Mindflood, project manager
George P. Johnson/Mindflood, George P. Johnson, project design and development
Scion Division, Toyota Motor Company, client

"A great combination of interactive knowledge and real-world experiences. All, in a brand-consistent visual language and voice." —juror Keith Anderson

"The quality of the production and the overall experience was inspiring. Not only could you customize your very own Scion, but you could walk away with a custom, self-designed T-shirt. The entire process was very well done and flawlessly executed." —juror Jason Zada

Overview: An installation that allows users to customize a vehicle, display the results on projection screens and output printed T-shirts or e-mailable screenshots. Part of a tradeshow booth, it was intended to highlight the customization aspect of the Scion brand.

• 2 50-inch plasma screens
• 8 projections
• A Flash front end and a ColdFusion backend

Comments by Nikolai Cornell and Noah Costello:
"It's easy to get caught up in whether or not something is right for the brand, but in this case we were able to focus on what would be right for the user. With that, everything fell into place. The autoshow environment is packed with visuals and even some interactive content, but none of it really engages visitors or gives them an actual product.

"With Mix it Up, we were able to give visitors two things: a positive experience interacting with the Scion brand and a T-shirt with their custom creation. By giving them something to take home with them we extended the reach of the kiosk past the autoshow exhibit floor.

"One of the unique and challenging aspects of this project was designing for the various large scale, multiple-screen formats we developed. Taking advantage of the 1350+ pixel-wide screen space offered to us by the 50" plasma displays, we were able to design a dynamic interface that was specifically scaled for an attendee to comfortably use their hands to navigate.

"After a user customized their own Scion vehicle, a screenshot of their creation was automatically optimized and reformatted to be displayed on the eight projection screens that were integrated into the exhibit space facade. This allowed the space to be brought to life by the creativity of everyone who used it.

"Collectively, we were truly amazed by some of the designs users came up with and the amount of time they spent detailing their rides."


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