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Chris Valencius, art director
Toria Emery, writer/associate creative director
Keith Anderson/Will McGinness, creative directors
Jeff Goodby, executive creative director
The Barbarian Group, developer
Hilary Bradley/Brit Charlebois/Mike Geiger, producers
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, project design and development/ad agency
Saturn, client

"Every aspect of this project is poetic. Transforming the car into a living surface and uncovering hidden information is not only brilliant but communicates respect for both the product and the audience." —juror David Young

"The oddly tactile quality of the huge screen draws people in and creates a connection between the viewer and the machine." —juror Liz Castro

Overview: A media-rich pavilion designed to promote Saturn's energy efficient Green Line vehicles, this project featured interactive cars and a 40-foot video wall. In contrast to the sound and fury found in most auto trade show booths, this toned-down installation provided a welcome respite.

• Processing-based imagery
• 4 overlapping projectors
• Holographic projections

Comments by Keith Anderson:
"Goodby, Silverstein & Partners' installation at Wired NextFest 2006 focused on Saturn's Green Line hybrid vehicles. By designing the Green Line to be affordable, Saturn has democratized hybrid technology for the good of the planet and its customers' wallets. GS&P, Obscura Digital and the Barbarian Group teamed up to create a display that was equally inclusive and inviting.

"One of the biggest challenges was the scale of the space itself. At the start of the project, we didn't know whether we'd be featuring one or two vehicles, but 4,000 square feet of space had already been contracted. If we put too much in, it would feel flashy; too little, and it would appear empty and boring. We decided to create a series of experiences that would draw people in and give a flow to the installation.

"A 45-foot-wide, high-resolution, reactive and interactive wall of animated, stylized grass anchored the space. Set at the rear of the exhibit was a kiosk where visitors were asked, 'What if everyone drove a hybrid?' For each answer, a blade of grass grew on the screen and connected with the user's thought—creating a user-generated, product-relevant art display that mapped the collective thinking of NextFest attendees around this subject.

"The second challenge was how best to present the features and hybrid components that people couldn't actually see. Super high-definition CAD-based animations were mapped and projected onto the cars to highlight specific features and hybrid components. The effect was like pulling back the sheet metal or seeing the car with x-ray vision."


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