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Mathias Friis/Anne Gravingen, Kitchen Reklamebyrå/Tom Rainer Thuv, art directors
Bendik Romstad, Kitchen Reklamebyrå, writer
Sverre Stabel, programmer
Rune Roalsvig, Kitchen Reklamebyrå, executive director
Mikael Eriksson, executive producer
Malin Oredsson, Kitchen Reklamebyrå, project manager
MediaFront, project design and development
Kitchen Reklamebyrå, ad agency
Uteseksjonen, client

"An enormously effective presentation that enables visitors to see through the eyes of a drug user." —juror Bart Marable

"Going against every guideline for good usability and interface design, the site is an unparalleled success at helping visitors understand at least part of the drug-taking experience. Section to section, visitors become part of the content. Engaging and successful." —juror Liz Danzico

Overview: With situations fueled by both alcohol and peer-pressure, whether or not to try drugs is a question for which most young people are ill-prepared. Intended for Internet-using teens and pre-teens, this site conveys the loss of control that accompanies being under the influence. In a very unique way, it allows visitors to virtually experience drugs and ultimately decide for themselves how they will answer when asked if they want to try them.

• The Norwegian and translated English versions had, combined, over 200,000 unique visits in under 10 weeks.
• Since launch more than 360,000 people have visited the site.
• It's won multiple awards in Norway and picked up a bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes.

Comments by Sverre Stabel:
What was the most challenging aspect of the project? "When Kitchen approached us in February on behalf of the department of alcohol and drugs issues at the Municipality of Oslo, the brief was: 'How can we get young people to make up their minds about trying drugs before getting the actual offer?'

"Our solution was to give people the option of trying drugs virtually. We opted for a clean and simple interface combined with video, distorted music and sound effects (the snorting in the cocaine section were recorded in a bathroom to get just the right sound). Since we wanted to create an authentic experience without moralizing, prior to launch, we tested the site on drug-addicts."

Did you use applications in ways that you hadn't before? "To scare people and convey a loss of control, we look up every visitor's IP address and use the names registered in the global Whois database, in a fake system dialog box (that also contains the Norwegian Police logo) that says that illegal activities have been registered. Even though tracking an IP address is a simple process, it ended up being one of the site's strongest scare tactics."


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