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David Hyung, art director
Jim Therkalsen, writer
Joseph Cartman, creative director
Richard Ting, executive creative director
Grace Chia, design director
Noel Billig, technology director
Can Misirlioglu, video director
Reshma Taufiq, executive producer
R/GA, project design and development
Nike, client

"Nike brings trainers and elite athletes wherever your workout takes you. This idea is spot on. Genius." —juror Gabrielle Weinman

"An impressive delivery of training information that inspires and instructs users wherever they are." —juror Britt Miura

Overview: Speed, a desirous performance trait, cuts across nearly every sport and gives competitive athletes physical and mental advantages during gameplay. Targeted toward competitive teenage athletes, Nike Zoom Mobile is a utilitarian mobile experience that delivers the "Nike Zoom = Quick" and "Quick is Deadly" brand promise through a series of 200+ training videos by professional athletes. The multi-sport experience aims to inspire trainees and improve their game through expert advice and demo drills; and, of course, since "quick" is the main benefit of NIKE’s Zoom technology, users are also educated about the advantages of the products.

• A team of twelve completed the program in six weeks.
• XSLT was used to transform XML feeds into XHTML; server side Java code was used for the handset detection algorithms.
• More than 700 pages are optimized across 900 hundred U.S. mobile devices.

Comments by Richard Ting:
Were there any specific demands that made that made the project easier or harder? "We approached this project with the intention of providing a valuable training service to consumers in places where the tutorials made the most sense—in the gym, at the track and on the field. Mobile was an ideal medium; it gave customers access to the complete experience from the Web site, with the added benefit of bringing the training videos with them wherever they go.

"Before this project, most mobile marketing initiatives were sparse microsites with short lifespans and limited consumer value. As an alternative, we created a long-standing resource for Nike’s Zoom consumers that would live on in perpetuity. To my knowledge, this is one of the largest and deepest branded mobile sites in the world.

"This was the first Nike mobile site that dynamically streamed videos to handsets. Since the experience was launching via mobile, there were limitations on the download speeds of some of the U.S. carrier networks. As a result, the visuals were designed and compressed to accommodate slower download rates. The training videos were also concepted, art directed, edited and compressed with mobile in mind (e.g., less panning of the camera, more close-ups and shorter video lengths).

"If we had to do it all over again, we probably would have recommended a mobile media buy. The Zoom mobile site is rich with content and a valuable training tool, but discovery of content on mobile devices is still a challenge. A mobile media push might have significantly spiked traffic."


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