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Philippe Cossette, art director
Guillaume Braun, creative director
Gregoire Gerardin/Hugo St-Onge, programmers
Emmanuel Tremblay, music
Akufen, project design and development
Jean Malek, client

"Great use of full-screen and transitions." —juror Jared Benson

"Fantastic photography coupled with a unique and original navigation that gets tied in with the transitions of the site. " —juror Adrian Belina

Overview: This online portfolio for Montréal photographer Jean Malek consists of fullscreen images and video in an intuitive and original interface. Prior to building the site, the developer had created a folding paper concept for Jean Malek's new identity; it was not only beautifully reproduced, but expanded on, when the concept was brought online. The navigation is organized around a series of numbered triangles that unfold as visitors access and transition between content. A a zoomable interface, slim-line scrollbars and appropriately subtle animation make the photography the star and the entire site is supported by a CMS that allows the photographer to modify, upload and create projects and announcements.

• The site took six people two months to complete.
• The triangle animation was a struggle to execute without compromising the site's performance.
• Since launch the site's received 59,281 visitors and 332,685 page views with an average time spent on the site of 6:51 minutes.  

Comments by Guillaume Braun:
Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? "Yes, since agency creatives are overexposed to graphic excellence, it's the hardest audience to convince visually—and definitively the most critical."

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? "Creating an online portfolio that stands out from the competition and still promotes the work of the artist without stealing all the attention visually. The main goal was to keep the focus on the main content of the site which was already highly creative."

What was the response? "The site created great exposure for Jean Malek in his target market—ad agency creatives. With all the awards, blog articles and word-of-mouth it garnered in Montréal and around the world, lots of creatives were exposed to his work; thanks to all the attention driven from the Web coverage and awards, he's had by far his best year in business."



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