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Chris von Ende/Jon Wyville, art directors
Dave Loew/Tohru Oyasu/David Schermer/Mike Ward, writers
Mandy Cornwell, interactive designer
Dave Loew/Jon Wyville, creative directors
Susan Credle/Mark Tutssel, chief creative officers
Ellie Simcoe/Rob Tripas, producers
Julie Glick/Jane Radosevich, project managers
Human, music company
B-Reel, production company/project design and development
Leo Burnett Chicago, ad agency
Girl Scouts of America, client

Launch Site

"Girl power with a cute crafty touch." —juror Véronique Brossier

"A beautiful intro that would make Pixar proud and a really fun, cute experience on the inside that’s perfect for its target." —juror Adrian Belina

Overview: The Girl Scouts have a wonderful mission: to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place, but they needed to update their image and do a better job of appealing to their target audience of seven- to twelve-year-old girls. This microsite help girls foster stronger relationships with the Girl Scouts and further engage and inform the Girl Scout community by answering a simple question: What makes girls strong? The result is a simple, accessible and engaging storytelling tool, to which girls write and share stories via customizable, speaking character badges; it's a fun, entertaining idea that competes with the video games, TV shows and Web sites that girls engage with.

• From concept to site launch was about seven months. It was the first part of a larger integrated campaign that included posters, radio, online advertising and a physical book of stories. * The site has a text-to-speech function whereby a girl's story is retold by a character they created.
• The diagonally-scrolling sash is simple, intuitive, visually interesting and full of stories and fun characters and allows site visitors to explore endlessly. 

Comments by Chris von End:
Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? "Seven- to twelve-year-old girls have all sorts of media and life activities competing for their attention. So first, we needed to breakthrough, then the challenge was to give them the tools and a forum to express themselves through the lens of The Girl Scouts. They responded by writing engaging stories that not only inspired fellow Girl Scouts and bred self-confidence but that extended the audience to the general public. The quality and variety of the stories is amazing—some are funny and fantastic while others are really touching and emotional—and gave site visitors the ability to witness firsthand the creativity and confidence that being a Girl Scout instills."

What was the response? "The response was overwhelmingly positive. Over 174,000 page views and an average time spent of 4:34 minutes. In addition, the site generated over a thousand stories with hundreds of new ones added every week. We're in the process of curating the best stories and turning them into an actual, physical World's Strongest Girl book."



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