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Joanna Crean/Amy Travis/Ross Weythman, writers
Tim Allen, creative director
Ian Spalter/Richard Ting, executive creative directors
Adam Jesberger, senior designer
Ray Sison, lead designer
Cesar Marchetti, design director
Josh Stephenson/Chris Thorwarth, senior developers
Bryan Bonczek/Robert Carlsen/Martin Ceperley/Daniel Katz/George King/Ilya Rivkin, engineers
Masha Ioveva/Stephen Kob/Russell Lloyd/Andrew Mercando/Joo Youn Paek, interactive designers
Tim King/Joe Santangelo/Cory Savary/Michael Shagalov, quality assurance
Sune Kaae/Lambert Torres, technical leads
Brad Alan/Nick Coronges/Ronnie Liew, technology directors
Heidi Miller, director
Mike Frank, sound engineer
Jennifer Allen/Vin Farrell/James Kuo/Sean Lyons, executive producers
Elizabeth Bell/Alan Donnelly, producers
Guy Helson/Alice Leung/Jordana Reim, senior producers
R/GA, project design and development
Nike, client

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"The most useful app around for exercise. The design is clean, easy to navigate and helps make running fun again." —juror Oscar Llarena

"Digital utility is the best way to integrate a brand into an app, and this one is well-designed, well-considered and ideal for all runners." —juror Adrian Belina

Overview: The Nike+ GPS application allows anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch to download the app and start running—indoors or outdoors without any additional hardware. It tracks distance, pace and route, providing periodic updates throughout the run as well as a color-coded heat map showing where the user hit peak speed. In addition, to recreate the experience of running with cheering spectators motivating runners onward, the application includes a "Facebook cheers" function; runners are able to update their status before a workout and every time a friend likes or comments on it, the user's earphones ring with cheers and encouragment to push forward and step-up the pace.

• To further motivate users, celebrities like Tracy Morgan and Lance Armstrong were enlisted to offer in-run words of encouragement as goals are met and conquered.
• To complete the experience at the end of the workout, runners can instantly upload their data to Nike+ and share and compare with the more than four million Nike+ users around the world.

Comments by Ian Spalter:
Was the topic/subject of the project a new one for you? "No. Given our prior work on the original Nike+ platform, R/GA has an intimate knowledge of the technology and we were eager to get started on this project. What’s new with Nike+ GPS is that a runner now has full control over the in-run experience, unlike the original platform where a user had to update information post-run and it allowed us to push the boundaries on some key aspects of the experience."

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? "Creating a trustworthy experience was essential. Runners are taking a leap of faith using the Nike+ GPS app to track their performance, so we had to deliver the highest level of quality, usability and performance to make this a success. The UX had to be simple enough for runners to easily get out and run, but we also had to ensure the accurate tracking and visualization of data."

How did this project compare with others you've worked on in the past? "This was one of the most gratifying projects we've worked on. We were able to really shape the experience, crafting an application that people enjoy using every day. Nike+ GPS also redefined how runners everywhere interact with Nike+; since it no longer requires a sensor in Nike shoes, runners can simply download the Nike+ GPS app and be part of the world’s largest running club."

Were there any specific demands that made the project easier or harder? "Both the iOS and Facebook are constantly evolving platforms, so during the course of the project, features that were once impossible to implement became doable. These shifts demonstrated the importance of having nimble teams—as well as a strong client relationship—that could to adapt the changing process."



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