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Bruno Choinière, AkufenAkufen/Philippe Cossette, Akufen, art directors
Émilie Grenier/Marie-Dominique Michaud/Jean-Christophe (Yako) Yacono, Lusio Films, writers
Grégoire Gérardin/Céline Mornet, programmers
Thibault Landel, Lusio Films, information architect
Antoine Azar/Florent Vilmart, 2XM interactive, mobile technology directors
Geoffrey Boulanger/Philippe Tremblay-Berberi, editors
Gabriel Brault-Tardif/Brigitte Henry, directors of photography
Jacques Blain/Marie-Dominique Michaud, Lusio Films, producers
Nicolas Fonseca, Lusio Films, executive producer
Johanie Hamel-Lavigne, Lusio Films, project manager
Marie-Anne Grenon, researcher
Akufen, project design and development
Benoit Beaudoin, TV5/Le Husky/les abdigradationnistes, client

Launch Site

A clever mix of unique interface and style that draws you in and begs for exploration." —juror Michael Potts

"A graphically pleasing entry that evokes the montage and video effects of several decades past." —juror Kelly Goto

Overview: Even if Francophone music made in Québec has changed greatly over the last century, some song topics are still used by contemporary artists. This website (and mobile app) reflects La Bolduc's influence on contemporary music 70 years after her death. The result is an interactive musical project, part documentary and part mixer, that presents La Bolduc in a fresh, fun and entertaining way through short clips of the artists and a multiplayer virtual mixer machine that allows users to jig the beats and voices of the eight chosen artists and share the results on social networks.

• The site was in development for almost six months.
• The mixer has close to 100 sounds and videos.
• Complementary assets (music CD, mobile app, TV documentary, YouTube page) helped the project to reach a larger audience.

Comments by Bruno Choinière and Marie-Dominique Michaud:
Were there any specific demands that made the project easier or harder? "The objective with the web project was very specific: Through the artistry and commentary of eight contemporary artists, we needed to reflect the topics of La Bolduc's songs and how they affect music today. We couldn't afford to miss this target. Even if she was a very popular artist, La Bolduc is now outdated and the project had to fit within the new communication context in which every artist is evolving. We had to create something that would please users, entertaining and informing them, without being boring or old-school."

What was the most challenging aspect of the project? "Les Enfants de La Bolduc is a transmedia project that proposes seven different experiences and engages a broad audience through a modern narrative that pays tribute to La Bolduc's modernity. Each experience is unique but provides a point of acces to the narrative. One of the challenges met throughoout the production process was to maintain a clear and focused storyline between experiences—and to portray La Bolduc without ever showing her made it even more difficult."


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