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Leigh Whipday, art director
Camiel Flohr/Diego Miguel, interactive designers
JoonYong Park, creative director
Jongmin Kim/Sylvain Tran, developers
Eric Decker, technology director
Chris Grey, senior producer
Firstborn, project design and development
Fallon, ad agency
General Motors, Cadillac, client

"This is one of the best examples of a Parallax scroll site that I’ve seen. It flows well from one story to the next and the content’s great too." —juror Madison Wharton Marks

"A sophisticated UI, strong imagery and nicely incorporated video." —juror Perry Fair

Overview: Fallon circled the globe for close to two months testing the Cadillac ATS in some of earth's most extreme and diverse environments; this slick web experience is a digital hub for the wealth of content that resulted from the journey. The site captures the adventure in videos, photos and infographics and flows between four different international destinations—each one demonstrating one of the car's unique features. Parallax animation seamlessly pulls visitors deeper into each environment to view exclusive content, learn more about the car's features and check-in to prove that they were "there."

The site was being designed and developed as Fallon teams were still shooting content; as a result, the assets were unknown until delivered.
A top-page nav, a custom scrollbar, content indicators and footer nav offer multiple ways to navigate the site.
In addition to the site, Firstborn also created tablet and mobile versions of the experience. 

Comments by Firstborn:
Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? "A full 25 percent of all luxury vehicles sold in the US are in the compact luxury segment—one that Cadillac has not competed in for years. In order to launch the ATS with a splash, Cadillac had to not only go up against the dominant leader, BMW, but also overcome consumer perceptions that the brand only makes large, 'floaty boats' for an older generation. This site broke the mold of automotive advertising to connect with a new generation of customers. Set in four countries around the world, the campaign consists of spectacular demonstrations of the nimble, quick and fun driving dynamics of the Cadillac ATS. Starting with an energetic two-minute trailer that hit over one million views in mere days, to a full suite of television spots, print, online advertising, digital videos, websites and social activation, the campaign takes Cadillac figuratively and literally where no American luxury car has gone before."


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