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Jessica Giles, art director/illustrator
Austin Hamilton, writer
Robert Frost/Matt McKay/Karyn Pascoe, group creative directors
Greg DiNoto, chief creative officer
Americhip, production company
Deutsch NY, project design and development/ad agency
Deana Singleton, Microsoft, client

“A genius execution. What better way to promote an office in the cloud than providing free cloud access directly from the print advertising?” —Troy Lachance

“Why hasn’t anyone done this before? It is so amazing. What a wonderful way to bring the idea of an ‘office anywhere’ to life.” —Kris Kiger

Overview: Microsoft’s Your Complete Office in the Cloud campaign is targeted at tech-savvy IT professionals—not an easy crowd to impress. To promote its new cloud-based Office apps and Exchange servers, Microsoft needed to create some street cred with the tech elite, so Deutsch NY designed an innovative Wi-Fi experience: Print ads were made with wireless hotspots embedded right in the page, so readers could access the web with up to five devices from virtually anywhere. The hotspots were rechargeable and active for about fifteen days. The ads brought the idea of “anytime access” right into the target audience’s lap.

• The project took approximately three months from concept to completion.
• The Wi-Fi print ads were a joint partnership between Microsoft, Deutsch, Starcom MediaVest and Americhip.
• The print campaign was a tactical initiative in partnership with Forbes that targeted a select group of subscribers whose jobs involve making technology decisions.

Comments by Karyn Pascoe:
Did you meet any out-of-the-ordinary obstacles during development? “The challenge was ensuring our message got across, not tangled in the technology. The experience had to be seamless and linear. It had to feel both new and relevant in order for the message to make sense.”

Are there any other technical features you’d like to call attention to? “The project was created by embedding a rechargeable Wi-Fi hotspot in the print insert, which was done through a partnership with Americhip. A pull tab activated the unit when the spread was opened, and a connectivity indicator was incorporated into the creative design. The back cover included a perforated flap users could open and plug into via mini USB. The hotspot supported up to five devices at the same time.”

Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? “No, but they are very knowledgeable and have extremely high expectations. They are also short on time and rely heavily on technology to work productively. It was important for us to give them something smart and useful that showed a deep understanding of their needs.”


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