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Joe Choi/Mike Choy, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, art directors
Fung Chan, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, writer
Lincoln Damen, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, creative director
Terence Ling, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, strategic planner
Nick Chan, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, technical lead
Victor Norgren, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, technology director
Luke Eid, TBWA Hong Kong/Joanne Lao, TBWA \ Digital Arts Network Hong Kong, directors
Anne Chan, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, executive producer
TBWA \ Digital Arts Network Hong Kong, project design and development
Charlie Cheng/Ida Mak/Christine Suen, TBWA DAN Hong Kong, ad agencies
Joyce Chung/Vincy Ho/Minnie Tang, Wrangler, clients

Launch Site

“Gamification of exploring your landscape, coupled with beautiful infographics, made this piece memorable.” —Kris Kiger

“A new take on the quantified-self movement. Take mobile phone, take every piece of data it can track relating to adventure and travel, shake algorithmically—et voilà!” —Ana Serrano

Overview: Social media, with its reviews and recommendations, has made us less instinctive. Believing that technology could be used to reignite our instinct for adventure, Wrangler, the Western apparel maker, introduced the Wrangler Mileage app, a mobile companion for the open road. Built over nine months by teams from TBWA and Digital Arts Network, the app aggregates all your travels to create a highly personalized, infographic-style dashboard profile of all your moves and experiences. The app even keeps a mileage score and awards badges for special experiences, making it the perfect travel tool to match the competitive American spirit.

• An interactive 3-D globe—dubbed the “Wrangler map” by Digital Arts Network developers—lets you browse around, zoom in to your current location and see the world mapped in grids according to urban, water, forest and desert terrains.
• The app gathers additional layers of data via GPS, such as current weather information and lunar phases, which then go through a complex algorithm that calculates mileage scores and rewards.
• Customers in more than 78 countries have accumulated over 102 million Wrangler Mileage points, with more than 98.5 percent of active users loyally returning.

Comments by Luke Eid, Anne Chan and TBWA\Digital Arts Network Hong Kong:
What was the most challenging aspect of the project? “Our main challenges came in developing the algorithm that would calculate the mileage score and recreating the entire world map in Wrangler style (obtaining, analyzing and geo-mapping geographic data). Testing the app was also challenging, as it involved actual traveling to achieve real-life scenarios.”

Were there any specific demands that made the project easier or harder? “We needed to make the app function without a data connection in locations with poor mobile network infrastructure. That made the architecture much more complex, as we had to rely on GPS, which technically works without a mobile network—albeit with less accuracy. We pushed GPS technology to its maximum by using the built-in location service in all of its various forms. In the end, we were able to silently track users without data when they travel—even if the app is closed—and reward them immediately with an estimated mileage score.”


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