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Dave Brown, art director
Ian Hart, writer
Kelly Bignell, user experience designer
Rasmus Blaesbjerg/Tim Nolan/John Patroulis/Ari Weiss, creative directors
Julian Cole/Ben Zoll, strategists
Caleb Jeffrey/Joshua McDonald/Steve Scavo/Joshua Thorp, developers
Dino Petrone, technology director
AJ Gutierrez, editor
Tracey McAvoy/Martin Mlekicki, senior producers
Jeremy Moss/Claudine Nichols, executive producers
HAUS, production company
BBH New York, project design and development
Sony PlayStation, client

Launch Site

“A genius breakthrough from the virtual to the physical world that brings a story to life with innovation, simplicity and emotion. Absolutely perfect.” —juror Tali Krakowsky

“Making virtual rewards physical is a great game mechanic and a sure way to deepen brand engagement and build loyalty. Very smart marketing.” —juror Winston Binch

Overview: Being a master gamer might earn you bragging rights among your friends, but it doesn’t usually translate into any kind of tangible reward. When it was time to promote the new PlayStation 4, however, BBH decided to acknowledge the skill and dedication of PlayStation gamers by placing real-world value on their virtual accomplishments. Players on the PlayStation Network won gold trophies for their in-game achievements, then logged on to the Bid for Greatness site, where those trophies counted as currency in an online auction for priceless memorabilia from the “Greatness Awaits” game trailer.

The platform received 500,000 page views in fifteen days.
The average time spent on the site was 2 minutes, 48 seconds.
The project achieved more than 150 million earned media impressions.

Comments by BBH New York:
What was the response? “Bid for Greatness created tangible, real-world value for gamers’ skills and accomplishments. News quickly spread, and an effort with zero media dollars behind it garnered 157 million earned media impressions, leading to the largest console launch in gaming history. Now that this platform has been established, it can become an ongoing opportunity to engage and reward PlayStation gamers.”

Are there any technical features you'd like to call attention to? “Tapping into the PlayStation Network’s API was the primary technology innovation. It allowed us to create an auction platform that made gold trophies count as our ‘currency.’ This opened up a brand-new way to inspire and reward the top gamers with extremely rare, exclusive items from the ‘Greatness Awaits’ brand film, which launched on YouTube a few weeks prior to the launch of Bid for Greatness.”


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