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Adam Repp, writer
Todd Durston/Tom Flanigan/Grey Ingram, creative directors
Todd Tilford, chief creative officer
Jason Ryan, sound engineer
John Bleeden/Stump Mahoney, executive producers
Lord + Thomas, production company
FCB Chicago, ad agency
Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation, client
"Keep Farts Funny" :60
Anncr.: An unabridged guide to flatulence: the Gatling Gun
SFX: A fart that sounds like a rapid-fire rotary-barrel machine gun.
Anncr.: The Rotterdam Express.
SFX: A fart that sounds like a Dutch passenger train.
Anncr.: The Question Mark.
SFX: An inquisitive-sounding fart.
Anncr.: The Howler Monkey.
SFX: An angry fart that sounds like it's defending its territory.
Anncr.: The Romanian Clam Digger.
SFX: A fart that sounds like a large hairy man digging in wet sand.
Anncr.: The Aftershock.  
SFX: A fart followed by a near echo of the original fart (only slightly smaller).
Anncr.: The Spanish Wind.
SFX: A hot-sounding breeze.
Anncr.: The Rolling Thunder.
SFX: A low, rumbling fart.
Anncr.: The Church Mouse.
SFX: A tiny squeak of a fart.
Anncr.: The Blast Furnace.
SFX: A violently forceful–sounding fart that emits heat.
Anncr.: The Cover-Up.
SFX: A fart that's too erratic to be masked by a cough.
Anncr.: And the Long Goodbye.
SFX: The fart equivalent of a magician's endless handkerchief routine.
Anncr.: Farts are funny. But chronic flatulence is one of many possible symptoms of colon cancer. Know the signs at any age, and if you're 50 or older, get a colonoscopy. Let's keep farts funny. Find out more at merediths-miracles.org.

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