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Jesse Blatz, art director
Greg Almeida, writer
Jamie Ferreira/Matt Fischvogt, creative directors
Mark Wenneker, executive creative director
Edward Boches, chief creative officer
Superfad Graphics, graphic designer
Liza Near/Ramsey Nickell, directors of photography
Merritt Duff, editor
Cutting Room, editorial company
Soundtrack Audio, sound design
Mike Secher, audio mixer
Harold Einstein, director
Dave Waller, Telecine and visual effects director
Tim Masick, Telecine colorist
Eric Liney, producer
Zeke Bowman/Caroline Gibney/Tom Rossano/Susan Willis, executive producers
Kirsten Andersen/Brian Drewes, visual effects producers
Station Film, production company
Brickyard VFX, visual effects company
Mullen Advertising, ad agency
Boston Bruins, client

(single and part of series)
"Date" :30
(Open on a concession stand at the TD Banknorth Garden. A Bruins fan, wearing a Bruins replica jersey, is purchasing beer for himself and his girlfriend. She is standing next to him and wearing a Montréal Canadian's jersey. When the man turns with the beer, the Bruins Bear walks into the frame. He stares at the Bruins fan in silence. The Bear leans in and looks at the Canadian jersey-wearing girlfriend, then at the man's Bruins jersey. The Bruins fan tries to explain)
Bruins Guy: ...But, she's so pretty.
(The Bear swats the drinks out of his hands and pulls his jersey over his head. The bear finishes with a fake lunge at the Bruins fan)
Super: Never Date Within the Division
Camera Card: Bruins Hockey Rules
LOGO:   BostonBruinstv.com

"Hang Up":30
(Open on a wide shot of the hallway in the TD Banknorth Garden)  
SFX: Crowd noise and organ music)
(It's clear there's a Bruins game in progress. The camera is locked onto the hallway, and it appears as if nothing is happening. After a few seconds, a fleeing man holding a cell phone runs through the frame. The spot is in slow motion, but the man is clearly moving with a panicked quickness. After a few more seconds, the Bruins Bear appears, chasing the man. The man tosses up his phone and runs off-screen. The Bear leaps off-frame after him)
Super: Hang Up Your Phone and Watch the Game.
Camera Card: Bruins Hockey Rules
Logo: BostonBruinstv.com

"Tuck In" :30
(Open in a bathroom in the TD Banknorth Garden, where a man wearing a Bruins jersey is combing his hair. Proud of the end result, he walks out into the TD Banknorth Garden concourse. We see that the Bruins jersey he's wearing is tucked into his jeans. Suddenly a Bear's paw comes into frame, stopping the man. We cut to the Bruins Bear looking at the man. Stunned, he stares at the Bear in silence. The Bear looks him up and down)
Man:  … What?!?
(Suddenly, the Bear slaps the man across the face with a fish. The fish lands in the foreground and after a long pause, the Bear turns and walks away)
Super: Never tuck in your Bruins jersey.
Camera Card: Bruins Hockey Rules
Logo: BostonBruinstv.com


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