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Scott Brown/Celeste Lindell, writers
Lexi Torpey, graphic designer
Josh Okun, lead designer
Scott Brown, creative director
Brian Brooker, executive creative director
Brad Huhmann, programmer
Michael Chatten, technical lead
Scott Finnerty, technology director
Mary Clark/Rafael Mojica, information architects
Travis Schlitter, video director
Barkley (Kansas City, MO), project design and development
March of Dimes, client

"A lovely and useful manifestation of the March of Dimes mission statement." —juror Toria Emery 

"Clever compositing intermixes the joy and complexity of this theme in a brilliant way." —juror Britt Miura 

Overview: Dedicated to the health of all babies, The March of Dimes wanted to reestablish itself as the authoritative source of information about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and baby care—and at the same time, express the profound sense of wonder about new life. The site comes to life through a series of continuously playing baby videos behind an intuitive, navigable wall of questions about pregnancy and newborn care. Each question links to a related article, conveying immediately the organization's wealth of knowledge and in-depth research.

• Part of a rebranding campaign; broadcast, print and interactive media drove visitors to the site.
• The initial download is less than 30K.
• Development time was three months.

Comments by Scott Brown:
Is the audience you were targeting a particularly difficult one to reach? "Pregnant women and new moms naturally have a lot of questions. We used that to the site's advantage. 

"The March of Dimes brand position is 'the wonder of babies.' Since the site needed to be a fundamental expression of that statement, our first challenge was to come up with a concept that would elicit a sense of wonder from the user. The idea of creating a site that would create a very specific emotional response (wonder) was a new one. Our ongoing criteria for accomplishing it that when a user looks at the site, we wanted them to feel, 'Wow, babies are amazing.'

"Once we settled on the concept, the challenge was to keep the execution as simple as the original idea. We decided to run a full-screen video behind the site content.

"The site is built out of questions. A search field asks the question 'What are you wondering?' and places the answers within a much larger context of a seemingly endless list of queries about parenthood. Correspondingly, it's a launching pad to hundreds of pages of content. And, while the baby videos are great to look at, it's of course these questions and the content they link to that make the site relevant."


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