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Andre Andreev/Arron Bleasdale, art directors
Chris Gatewood, writer
Tim Barber/Jacquie Moss, creative directors
Josh On, programmer
Nick Coronges, developer
Michael Kosacki, production artist
Andy Ristaino, animator
Odopod, project design and development
Wieden+Kennedy, ad agency
Bryan Finke/Liz Valentine, Nike, clients

“An unbelievable display of soccer culture in a slick, quick-and-dirty package. If it weren’t for this site, I don’t think I’d have the respect for soccer that I have now.” —juror Craig Swann

“I love the rough, gritty design of this site; it’s right-on for the audience. They’ve also done a great job of creating something unexpected.” —juror Sasha Kurtz

Overview: This site for soccer enthusiasts is structured around Nike products. It was part of an integrated advertising campaign that included multiple television commercials and print ads.

• Approximately 10MB of Flash files, with an additional 20MB of video-animated elements illustrated first on paper, then scanned into Photoshop and animated in Flash
• Video files are compressed at 100–150KBPS
• 2 1/2 months, 10 people

Comments by Tim Barber:
“When Nike walked us through Wieden+Kennedy’s Soccer Tape campaign, everyone on our team really got into the idea. It’s not duct tape, it’s soccer tape.

“The campaign was created to inspire young players to play brilliantly, and basically says that you don’t need anything more than a roll of soccer tape to get a game on. You can wad it up into a ball and kick it around your bedroom or tear off a couple of pieces to make a goal on the garage door.

“We really got into the do-it-yourself vibe both conceptually and visually and spent a lot of time looking at lo-fi Web sites and zines. We eventually came up with the idea for the Soccer Tape Zine-Maker that enables users to construct their own Soccer Zine as they navigate through videos, stickers, stories and animations. Zines can be saved, sent to friends and even entered in a creativity contest.

 “Since we didn’t want it to be work, we made it so that each Zine is built automatically as a visitor looks through the stuff on the site. Visitors who are so inclined (and want to do a little more work) can include their own pictures and stories or draw on top of everything with a freeform pen tool.

“Visually, all the artwork is super lo-fi and handmade: photocopied, hand-drawn, torn and taped up. This was great because it kept the entire creative process fluid; the art was so loose that our ideas weren’t constrained by production issues. We could develop an idea and execute it immediately and if a drawing or illustration was bad it just added to the vibe.

“We wish all our projects could be so fun.”


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