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Simon Frankart, art director
Romain Pergeaux, writer
Olivier Apers/Ivan Beczkowski/Stéphane Xiberras, creative directors
60fps, developer
Bangumi, production company
BETC/BETC Digital, project design and development
Canal+, client

“Love this idea of bringing a brand’s unique point of view to some-thing so mundane. This shows how a brand can think through its entire experience, all the way to commerce, via a brand idea. Bravo! Wish more brands thought about the complete customer experience.” —juror Mark Renshaw

“A good brand thinks about every single one of its touch points and ensures that the experience relates back to its core personality and offerings. In this case, the interactive subscription process is a direct extension of the Canal+ brand, providing entertainment every step of the way for its target user.”
—Megan Meeker

Overview: At worst, administrative forms are banal. At best, short lived. Those who fill out standardized questions do so in the hope of gaining access to a better life: a medical history form for a new doctor’s office, an application for a coveted apartment—or a subscription form for cable TV. In order to bring this inevitable cog of adult life into the digital and modern, Canal+, a French premium cable TV channel, turned to advertising agency BETC to elevate its subscription form into an interactive website that, at best, delights and surprises.

•The interactive form fits the needs and uses of today’s customers, targeting a younger audience.
•Canal+, a 30-year-old channel, was suffering from the arrival of new competitors like Netflix.
•Canal+ wanted the subscription form experience to reflect its new, modern content.

Comments by BETC:
What were the project’s core features? “Catherine and Liliane, the stars of Le Petit Journal, a popular French TV show, help users fill in this interactive form. Catherine and Liliane wait for users
to fill in the form, asking users the administrative questions and commenting on their answers.”

Was the project part of a larger promotional campaign? “The objective of the campaign for Canal+ was to prove the modernity of the brand to a younger audience and to engage them as much as possible.”

What was the thinking behind the navigational structure? “The interactive form is based on the idea that even the most functional touch point must be an experience. Since Canal+ is entertaining all the time, why shouldn’t the subscription form entertain? The inter-active form transforms the subscription form into an experience as funny as the programs on the channel.”


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