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Brett Spiegel, creative director
Stavros Ladeas, software engineer
Leonard Collins, technology director
Staci Weixlmann, senior producer
Fuzz, project design and development
Liz Filardi/Loic Tallon, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, clients

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“In a crowded museum where the sheer volume of objects can overwhelm, the design and functionality of this app was a clear, reassuring way to learn and be guided without fuss. That is an important design criteria for me when facing a multitude of choices.” —juror Keri Elmsly

“The Met basically invented the problem of the encyclopedic museum, which makes this thoughtful and tightly designed app especially welcome.” —juror Ben Hughes

Overview: No more waiting in a long line to purchase tickets for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met)—the Met for Android app from digital firm Fuzz can help with that. It can also help you plan your visit, navigate the museum and get key information exactly when you need it. Eager to see the Robert Lehman collection or The Death of Socrates painting, by Jacques Louis David? Simply tap your Android phone to view their locations on an interactive map. Guests can even create their own map of favorites before they visit, making for a truly bespoke two million–square-foot art experience.

•The app is a complete native application utilizing the standard Android framework.
•Fuzz’s partners at the Met developed the application program interface, which delivers an XML feed for content.
•The Huffington Post said the app, which has been downloaded by tens of thousands of users since its launch, is “something we can’t help but love.”

Comments by Brett Spiegel:  
What was the thinking behind the navigation structure? “The Met for Android is full of rich content, highlighting the happenings of the museum and its 5,000 years of art history. It was important to balance this content with tools to make planning a trip and visiting the museum seamless. The core navigation uses Android’s tab pattern and focuses on the rich content, divided into swipeable sections that each take on a different bold color. A second-drawer navigation is available for tools such as tickets, audio guides and memberships.”

Are there any special navigation features? “From our user research, the most demanded features were a digital map and the ability to quickly locate an exhibit or specific artwork. To ensure that the map was never more than a tap or two away, the icon to access it was made present on nearly every screen. In addition, all exhibits and artwork can be instantly located on the map with one tap.”

Were there any specific demands that made the project easier or harder? “The client demanded that we fully commit to a great Android app and not be constrained by the navigation decisions made for the website and iOS app. The Met’s willingness to fully embrace the Android community—and create a product on its terms—meant that we had the freedom to design platform-unique interactions.”


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