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Kristina Würz, writer
Jacob Grubbe, designer/creative director
Martin Balfanz/Morten Christensen/Stefan Georg/Felix Nielsen/Pavel Zyr, developers
Felix Nielsen, technical lead
Stine Hein/Peter Zöll, producers
MING Labs/Relax, we are the good guys/Pavel Zyr, project design and development
MING Labs, client

Launch Site

“The site constantly keeps me exploring. Great use of subtle motion to keep the user engaged.” —juror Harold Jones

“At a moment when too many studio websites are taking a maximalist approach, this one keeps it clean with simple interactions and hypnotic animations.” —juror Ben Hughes

Overview: The character for míng (“bright” in Mandarin), 明, contains the characters for both “moon” and “sun,” fusing two contradictory elements into one concept. Similarly, Munich, Germany–based digital firm MING Labs’ site balances yin and yang—“dark” and “light”—through a minimalistic, yet immersive approach. With development by Pavel Zyr and digital firm Relax, we are the good guys, the site reflects the same mantra that guides MING Labs when it designs and builds solutions for its clients.

•The company’s name, MING Labs, was chosen to reflect the studio’s European and Asian heritage.
•The site received 30,000 visitors in the first week of its launch and 60,000 within two months.
•Relax, we are the good guys built the site in Node.js, using roots.cx to generate the static site, Babel to compile, RequireJS to load modules and WebGL for the line engine.

Comments by Jacob Grubbe and Felix Nielsen:
What was the thinking behind the navigation structure? “Essentially, the site only has two pages: Work (night) and About (day), and users can easily navigate between them with the W and A buttons on the sides of the screen. Scrolling to the end of the page also provides a transition, going from one time of day to the other—just like sunrise and sunset. Version 2.0 of the site will have an endless infinity scroll through day and night.”

What are the site’s core features? “The design concept—a study of light. Míng essentially refers to light during night and day; hence, everything you see is based on a preliminary study of light. For instance, light behaves as both particles and waves, reflected in the design by shapes, lines and how everything animates. Light always fades—thus, it appears as gradients. In darkness, the human eye can’t distinguish color, and shapes are defined by light—but in light, shapes are defined by shadows, and the eye can distinguish most colors. This is reflected through delicate lines and no colors on the Work page and by more dominant and colorful areas based on real-sky color schemes on the About page.”

What impact has the site had on increasing client awareness? “With our previous website being outdated, this new release definitely confirms in numbers the importance of having an up-to-date, engaging experience that reflects your brand, product and service offerings. We had numerous, loyal clients before the redesign, but new inquiries have increased by around 1,000 percent since launch.”


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