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Eric Harvey, art director
Stuart Lee, Storyline Studio, 3-D designer
Isabella Vasquez, designer
Edrea Lita, senior designer
Thomas Ryun, creative director
Tim Willis, Storyline Studio, strategy
Matt Clifton/James Hurlbut/Darin Reid, developers
Scott Thiessen, senior developer
Serge Bokach, quality assurance
Edward Tang, technology director
Natalie Karbelnig, content coordinator
Carol Laumen, Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, director
Sarah Trueblood, producer
Howard Litwak, Annenberg Foundation, project manager
Cinny Kennard, Annenberg Foundation, executive director
Gabe Kean, Belle & Wissell, Co./William Smith, Storyline Studio, principal
Belle & Wissell, Co., project design and development
Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, client

“A great example of how interactivity can enhance every little aspect of our lives, including those of our pets. The whole experience is educational, emotional and purposeful.” —juror Eva Mautino

“They’ve effectively leveraged technology as a utility—not as a distraction—to help increase the number of adoptions through meaningful interactions at every touchpoint.” —juror Stephen Hadinger

Overview: It greets visitors as soon as they arrive at Wallis Annenberg PetSpace. The wall, called PetVision, is one of the four interactive experiences created by Seattle, Washington–based design studio Belle & Wissell, Co. for the pet adoption center in Playa Vista, California. Other experiences include PetBook, which introduces guests to adoptable animals; the Wag Center Gallery, which presents profiles of the human/animal bond; and the location-aware Wallis Annenberg PetSpace App. From sharing white papers about the therapeutic impact of animals to posting photos of new pets, there are plenty of ways that visitors can delve into this interactive suite.

• The system pulls from five data feeds provided by five different vendors in multiple locations.
• The project took eighteen months to complete.
• The grand opening of Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, held on June 24, 2017, attracted a large number of attendees, including Instagrammer The Dogist.

Comments by Belle & Wissell, Co.:
How many videos, images and other media elements does the project have? “PetVision, the interactive wall that greets visitors as soon as they arrive, presents approximately 60 interactive elements out of the hundreds available, made up of curated and user-submitted stories, events and adoption profiles. PetBook, which flanks each adoption suite, presents the profiles of the animals inside, a selection of successful adoption stories and examples showcasing the human/animal bond, along with a quiz that tests visitors’ pet-ownership knowledge. The Wag Center Gallery presents a collection of special relationship stories that profile examples of the human/animal bond. Through the app, visitors can access any content they’ve favorited on-site or in-app, along with content that has been featured within the other on-site experiences.”

Describe any special interactive features. “The playful system in which adoptable animals appear to be texting visitors, revealing information about themselves. This appears in all instances where you discover an adoptable animal’s profile. A unified favoriting system shared across all experiences—with the app as the repository for your favorited content—helps visitors engage with the content now or later.”

Are there any special navigational features? “During the attract mode, when visitors are far from the PetVision wall, the collection of orbs are always active, combining to form graphic illustrations and returning to their united circular form. As visitors approach and touch the wall, a smaller collection of content breaks off from the larger mass and positions itself around the visitor. Visitors can move freely through the content cluster in front of them, exploring what interests them. The whole cluster can be rotated to bring stories closer. Once a visitor leaves, that cluster of content is absorbed back into the larger collection, and the attract mode resumes.”


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