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Tommaso Fontanella, Droga5 NY, art director
Ted Meyer, Droga5 NY, writer
Dan Pulito, Droga5 NY, designer
Thom Glover/Paul Meates, Droga5 NY, creative directors
Justin Ruben, Droga5 NY, group creative director
Kevin Brady, Droga5 NY/Paige Grossman, Ancestry, executive creative directors
Sally-Ann Dale, Droga5 NY, chief creative officer
Ryan McDaid, Droga5 NY, senior brand strategist
Josh Berger, Cosmo Street, assistant editor
Paul Hardcastle, Cosmo Street, editor
Franz Lustig, Stink Films, director of photography
Jones+Tino, Stink Films, director
Taner Besen/James Cudahy/Kshitij Khanna/Sung Eun Moon, The Mill, animators
Evan Mangiamele/Elizabeth McClanahan, Heard City, sound designers
Heard City, sound editor
Evan Mangiamele, Heard City, audio mixer
Found Objects, music
Jay Wadley, Found Objects, composer
Lily Allen, Droga5 NY/Sophie Mitchell, The Mill, associate producers
Leah Donnenberg/Anna Wright-Hands, Droga5 NY, producers
Nadine Brown, Stink Films/Vlaho Krile, Division Productions, line producers
Matt Nelson, Found Objects, senior producer
Jennie Armon, Found Objects/Sasha Awn, Heard City/Rok Bukovec, Division Productions/Thomas Gibson, The Mill/Tricia Lentini Himot, Droga5 NY/Melinda Nugent, Stink Films/Rachel Trillo, The Mill/Maura Woodward, Cosmo Street, executive producers
Kareem Miller/Sam Song, Droga5 NY, project managers
Zuzana Sucha, Stink Films, production designer
Mikey Rossiter, The Mill, colorist
Antoine Douadi, The Mill, visual effects supervisor
Cosmo Street, editorial company
The Mill, post-production company
Stink Films, production company
Droga5 NY, ad agency
Ancestry, client

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