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Bob Pirrmann, art director
Scott Noble, writer/associate creative director
Tim Foley, creative director
Kevin Moehlenkamp, executive creative director
Mott Hupfel, director of photography
Andre Betz, editor
Bug Editorial, editorial company
Frank Todaro, director
Matt O'Shea, line producer
Scott Hainline, producer
Moxie Pictures, production company
Hill Holliday (Boston, MA), ad agency
Dunkin’ Donuts, client

“Movie Line” :30
(Open outside a movie theater where dozens of fans are waiting for the opening of a science-fiction film festival. Zoom in on two young guys who are dressed as space creatures. They are having a heated discussion about their favorite sci-fi show)
Guy 1: How can you say that episode 13 is a mirror of 45?
Guy 2: It is.
Guy 1: (He breaks into alien language only die- hard fans understand) Gonk plu flirth.
Guy 2: No, you gonk plu flirth, Richard...
(He then opens his trusty episode guide)
Guy 2: ...Frathlan toetoe, Icculus nobes pimmann stup Rangar. Dar eck nubu episode thirteen. Dar eck nubu.
(While Guy 2 rants, Guy 1 sniffs his flavored coffee and then sips it. A calm comes over him. Then a moment of realization as he looks around at the stupidity surrounding him)
Guy 1: Yeah, I don’t want to do this anymore. I haven’t had a date in like...ever. I’m gonna go. Good luck.
(He rips off the alien prosthetic, hands it to Guy 2 and walks away. Cut to product footage) Anncr. (VO): Wake up and smell the coffee. Introducing Dunkin’ Donuts delicious new flavored coffees, in Vanilla Spice and Toasted Almond. (Cut back to remaining geeks in line)
Guy 3: (As our hero walks away) What a loser.
Anncr. (VO): Dunkin’ Donuts. Bring yourself back.


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