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Kyle Hickman, art director
Mike Sanford, writer
Jon Stefansson, Cosmo Street, editor
Tone Farmer, music company
Michael Karbelnikof, director
Donna Ventrice, agency producer
HKM, production company
Ten United (Columbus, OH), ad agency
Schoedinger Funeral Homes, client

"Master of Anticipation" :30
(Open on a kitchen. A woman enters the room)
Woman: Good morning.
(The woman hands her husband a tissue. He immediately sneezes. She pushes a glass in front of her son who is trying to pour his milk. She opens the refrigerator to get out the jelly)
Daughter: Mom, can I have the...jelly?
(Mom hands her the jelly before she can finish her sentence. Woman then opens the front door, catches a newspaper as it is thrown, sets the paper on the table and begins searching the closet)
Husband: Honey, what are you looking for?
Woman: A light bulb.
(The woman pulls a light bulb from the closet)
SFX: The light bulb burns out.
Anncr. (VO): No one anticipates like Andrea Stockel...which makes her a great mom.
(Fade up shot of a funeral home door. A couple approaches the door. As the man reaches for the door knob, the funeral director greets them)
Anncr. (VO): And right at home as a Schoedinger funeral director.
Super: Schoedinger. The right people when you need them most.


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