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Blake Ebel/David Estoye, art directors
Tom Raith, writer
Scott Wild, creative director
Marshall Ross, executive creative director
Jo Molitoris, director of photography
Staci Le Van, editor
Fluid, music
Blue Source, director
Diane Hill, agency producer
Blink USA, production company
Cramer-Krasselt (Chicago, IL), ad agency

"Veterinarian" :30
(Open on a man in scrubs, stepping up to a bank teller. He looks a little banged up)
Teller: How are you, Dr. Bellow?
Dr. Bellow: Fine.
Anncr. (VO): Before there's money, there's work. (Freeze. Rewind. Stop at the beginning of the man's day. He opens the door to his waiting room)
Dr. Bellow: Morning! Who's first?
(Cut to the waiting room—a cacophony of unruly animals)
Dr. Bellow: OK.
(Cut to him examining a panting St. Bernard, addressing the owner)
Dr. Bellow: No problem, don't you worry about it, we get it all the time, I'll have you outta here in a jiffy.
(Cut to him being attacked by a duck)
Dr. Bellow: Ah!
(Cut to him with a bandage on his nose, addressing the owner)
Dr. Bellow: OK, thanks. You're done.
(Cut to him with a ferret climbing up his arm)
Dr. Bellow: Has he adapted well to urban life?
(Cut to the ferret trying to bite off his finger. Cut to him apprehensively approaching a small dog. The room is getting more and more disheveled)
Dr. Bellow: So what are the symptoms?
(Cut to the small dog growling, latching onto his coat)
Dr. Bellow: He's got some spunk in him, doesn't he? (Cut to him with a llama, really banged up now, addressing the owner)
Dr. Bellow: What can I do for you?
(Cut to him and his assistant struggling with the skittish llama, knocking over equipment)
Dr. Bellow: C'mon, buddy.
(He falls, out of the frame)
(Cut to LaSalle logo and tag: "The bank that works.")
Anncr. (VO): LaSalle. The bank that appreciates your hard work.


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