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Jac Coverdale, art director
Troy Longie, writer
Charley Schwartz, Uppercut, editor
Rick Meyer, Modern Music, music
Martin Granger, director
Kris Wong-Barrie, producer
Jenee Schmidt, agency producer
A Band Apart, production company
Clarity Coverdale Fury (Minneapolis, MN), ad agency
Target Market, client

"Bubble Wrap" :30
Music: Electric guitar-driven music under and throughout.
SFX: Bubble w rap popping throughout.
(Open on three girls inside a parked car passing around a sheet of bubble wrap)
Teen Girl #1 : I started poppin' about three years ago.
(Cut to a boy standing outside a convenience store popping bubble wrap)
Teen Boy #1 : It's just somethin' to do.
(Cut back to girls inside the car popping bubble wrap)
Teen Girl #2 : Yeah, exactly.
(Cut to an alley behind a restaurant. A teen dishwasher is sitting on an overturned bucket popping bubble wrap. Cut back to girls inside the parked car)
Teen Girl #1 : I don't do it very much...
(Cut to boy reaching into a garbage can for another sheet of bubble wrap)
Teen Girl #1 (VO): ...it's not like I buy it. Pretty much, I just bum it from, like, my friends.
(Cut to two girls walking out of the convenience store, snubbing the boy standing outside)
Teen Boy #1 : Hey, Shelley.
Shelley: Whatever, popper.
(Cut to two boys outside a Mailboxes, Etc. asking adults to buy them bubble wrap)
Teen Boy #2 : Can you score us some bubble wrap?
(Cut to two girls)
Teen Girl #4: I can quit anytime.
(Cut to high school boy's bathroom)
SFX: Pop!
(Cut back to girls inside the car)
Teen Girl #2: If I were addicted, I would totally try to stop but...
Super: Target Market logo


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