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Gail Pollack, art director
Jim Hyman/Gail Pollack, group creative directors
Marty Orzio, chief creative officer
Andre Betz/Bug Editorial, editors
Tim Godsall, director
Jayson Miller, agency producer
Diane Jackson, executive producer
Biscuit Filmworks, production company
BBDO Chicago (Chicago, IL), ad agency
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., client

"Golfer" :30
(Open on a golfer and caddy crouching on a green as though one is seeing the conclusion of a live golf tournament. They are very close to each other, talking softly, reading a crucial putt)
Golf Anncr. (VO): (Very serious, British accent) It all comes down to this...
(Push in to golfer and caddy)
Golfer: Did you eat lunch?
Caddy: Yeah . A big taco salad with spicy guacamole. It was on the buffet.
Golfer: (looking perplexed) Where?
Caddy: (Gesturing to the right as though reading the putt) Well, there was the pasta salad .....
Golfer: (Affirming) Uh, huh.
Caddy: (Gesturing to the left) ...and the three bean salad....
Golfer: (Affirming) Right.
Caddy: (Gesturing in the middle) It was right-in between.
Golfer: OK. (He sniffs the caddy's breath. Perplexed again) But I'm not reading guacamole on your breath.
Caddy: (Reveals package) Eclipse gum.
Golfer: Where did you get that?
(Caddy gestures with broader strokes and curious curlycues)
Caddy: There's a stand by 16, over the hill... (motions)
Golf Anncr. (VO): Must be harder than it looks.
Super: Beauty shot of Eclipse Gum package.
Super: Breath Defying.
Anncr. (VO): Eclipse. It's breath defying.


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