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Michael Ancevic/Tim Cawley, creative directors
Edward Boches, executive creative director
Dave Waller, Brickyard, Flame artist
Dan Oberle, WhiteHouse LA, editor
Mike Secher, Soundtrack Boston, sound engineer
Elke Taylor, director
Zeke Bowman, agency producer
Partizan LA, production company
Mullen (Wenham, MA), ad agency

"Flat Tire" :30
(Open tight on a NASCAR Dad driving his car, shot in through the driver's window)
Audio: NASCAR Channel broadcast.
(Driver's listening to NASCAR radio, enjoying himself)
SFX: Suddenly, his tire hits something and punctures.
(His car starts skidding and riding roughly, but he's cool and under control. He pulls over to the shoulder and stops. He hops out and hustles behind the car, out of the frame. Camera stays on the empty driver's seat. The car tilts forward as it's quickly jacked up)
SFX (off-camera): We hear jacks and drills and hydraulics. It sounds like he's a one-man pit crew back there.
(Just as quickly, the car levels out as it's dropped back on its tires. Our guy calmly returns to the frame, and gets back in the driver's seat. He pulls away. The car is once again driving smoothly. Cut to XM product in the dash playing the NASCAR Channel)
Anncr. (VO): Experience the NASCAR Radio Channel. Only on XM Satellite Radio.


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