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Patrick Murray, art director
Bill Cochran/Patrick Murray, creative directors
Bob Schwarz, director of photography
Post Op, editor
Jud Haskins, music
Horrible Music, music company
Chris Smith, director
Greg Gibson, The Richards Group/Tony Miglini, Sugar Film Productions, executive producers
Sugar Film Productions, production company
The Richards Group (Dallas, TX), ad agency
H-E-B, client

"Homework" :30
(Open on a man sitting behind his desk in his house. He is scouring grocery newspaper ads. His young daughter walks into the room)
Girl: Dad? Can you help me with my homework?
Dad: Yeah, sure sweetie. Let's see what you got here. OK, if a woman buys four apples for four dollars...whoa that is all wrong!
Super: (Price Patrol van wipe-on) Michael. H-E-B Pricing Manager.
Dad: Nobody sells four apples for four... Here let me change that.
(Dad starts to make changes to the homework)
Anncr. (VO): At H-E-B, we're obsessed with low prices.
Girl: I don't think you're supposed to change that.
Dad: Well, I don't think they're supposed to give you homework with crazy prices. That's way too high.
Anncr. (VO): We check and compare over 50,000 prices every week to ensure our prices are low. Some may say we're a little too obsessed.
Super: H-E-B. Here Everything's Better.
(Smiling dad hands the homework to his daughter)


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