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Dustin Black, art director
Mike Fetrow, executive creative director
Mark Laliberte, director of photography
Tom Doeden, animator
Charley Schwartz, editor
Steve Medin, online editor
Schnitt Editorial, editorial company
Wow & Flutter, music company
Dale Goulett, sound designer
Joe Schaak, director
Dave Sweet, colorist
Kelly Kytola, associate producer
Jenee Schmidt, agency producer
Ramon Nunez, broadcast producer
John Malina, executive producer
The Artists Company, production company
Pixel Farm, post-production company
Colle+McVoy (Minneapolis, MN), ad agency
Cenex Energy, client

“Living Room” :30
(Open on a woman walking into the living room where she sees her husband on the couch and the Cenex Guy on his pedestal)
Woman: Honey, have you seen my (pause) who’s that?
Cenex Guy: I’m the Cenex Guy.
Husband: (Watching TV, ignoring her) He’s the Cenex Guy.
Woman: Who?
Cenex Guy: I’m a symbol for all the safe, dependable propane that heats your home.
Husband: Yeah, he’s a “symbol.”
Woman: (To husband) Is he staying for dinner?
Cenex Guy: Ah, well, I’m sort of here every day.
Woman: (To Cenex Guy) Well, are you spending the night?
Cenex Guy: I’m here every night, too.
Husband: Yeah, honey, look, he’s here every day and every night.
(Woman gives the Cenex Guy a flirty look. Husband sees her glance and then turns and looks at the Cenex Guy)
(Cenex Guy looks away)
Anncr. (VO): Cenex. Every day. Every night. Energy.


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