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Will Dean/Steve Mapp, art directors
Lyle Yetman, writer
John Butler/Mike Shine, creative directors
Carl Nilsson, Tool of North America, director of photography
Pete Koob, editor
Cleaver Editorial, editorial company
Greg Kuehn, music composer
Peligro Music, music company
Erich Joiner, Tool of North America, director
Kelly Christensen, producer
Tracy Kurtz, agency producer
Brian Latt, Tool of North America, executive producer
Tool of North America (Venice, CA), production company
Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (Sausalito, CA), ad agency
MINI USA, client

“The Sun Also Rises” :30
(Open on a vacant rooftop parking lot. An errant, dust-covered SUV careens up to the lot. The MINI Cooper is waiting. Poised for battle at each end of the ring, the MINI taunts the SUV with a self-assured flash of its lights. Their dance begins. The SUV charges, but is gracefully averted by our spit-shined hero. Onlookers point and gawk from surrounding buildings, safe from the bull’s lethal advances. Charge after ineffectual charge, the SUV is no match for the MINI’s speed and exceptional turning radius. The SUV makes one final bid for MINI blood, then dies in a cloud of engine smoke and shattered pride. To cheering fans, the MINI exits the parking lot victorious)


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