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Katie Carlile, art director
Bowen Mendelson, writer
Karen Costello, group creative director
Eric Hirshberg, executive creative director
Riot, online editor
BUG Editorial, editorial company
Lime Studios, audio mixer
Fred Goss/Michael Schrom, directors
Company 3, Telecine colorist
Rebecca Orlov, agency producer
Randy Morton, broadcast producer
Steffi Binder, executive agency producer
Stardust, visual effects company
Deutsch L.A. (Los Angeles, CA), ad agency

“Italian Guy” :30
(Open on an Italian guy. He’s sort of pushy and stubborn, set in his ways, very un-Friday’s. He’s sitting at a table on which sits a Sizzling Triple-Meat Fundido)
Guy: This ain’t a pizza, where’s the dough? How am I supposed to fold it, eh? Who did this? ‘Cause I got a cousin, who knows a guy...(he mimes punching)
(Freeze frame on the guy)
Anncr. (VO): He’s not ready. Are you?
(An arrow pops onto the screen, points to the guy “Not Ready.” Cut to a close-up of the appetizer he’s referring to on a table in a Friday’s)
Anncr. (VO): Friday’s introduces seven all new radically-different appetizers.
(Cut to beauty shots of new appetizers)
Anncr. (VO): Like Sizzling Triple Meat Fundidi, Fried Mac n’ Cheese and Crispy Green Bean Fries. For a limited time, just four bucks each with any entree. Only at Friday’s.
(Many hands come in and take some dippings and sharing. Continue with montage of other featured appetizers)
Title Card: Everyone could use more Friday’s.


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