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Joshuah Harms, Team One, art director
Andrew Crawford, Team One, writer
Amina Halim/Davide Vismara, Team One, creative directors
Fabio Costa, Team One, executive creative director
Chris Graves, Team One, chief creative officer
Ronn Dohn, Team One, strategy
Lauren Mabuni, Team One, strategic planner
Bob Gremore, Margarita Mix, engineer
Brendan Carney, Team One, editor
Brian F. Gordon, Team One, senior editor
Meagan Danielak/Marion Berdoati Sauzedde, Team One, content coordinators
Sacha Wiernik, WIZZ, director of photography
Victor Haegelin, WIZZ, director
David Audelo, Team One, motion graphics
Margarita Mix, sound designer/audio mixer
Neil Cleary, Team One, music
Kari Steinert, Sounds Delicious, composer
Emily Wold, Team One, associate producer
Claire Madigan, WIZZ/Becky Matthews, Team One/Sascha Peuckert, Team One/Cody Pittard, Team One/Veronica Santana, Team One/Sam Walsh, Team One, producers
Bryan Cook/Gina Grosso, Team One, post-production producers/visual effects directors
Amanda Stubbs, WIZZ, executive producer
Claire Lynch, Team One, project manager
Bertrand Leclerc/Géraldine Stivet, WIZZ, production designers
Camille Lippmann, WIZZ, production manager
James Bohn, Team One, Flame artist
Adolfo Martinelli, Team One, colorist
Team One, editorial company/ad agency
Quad Group, WIZZ, production company
Sounds Delicious, music company
John Coelho/Erik Howerbush/Meredithe Woodward, Team One, project design and development
Fernando Botelho/Chandreyi Davis/Jessica Eichner/Adam Francis/Alba Bolea Martinez/Megan Nikzad, Expedia Group, clients

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