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Oscar Gierup, Droga5 New York, art director
Luke Chard, Droga5 New York, senior art director
Stacy-Ann Ellis, Droga5 New York, writer
Mietta McFarlane, Droga5 New York, senior writer
Kevin McCallum, Droga5 New York, designer
Rachel Hess, Droga5 New York, senior designer
Fabian Grateroles, Droga5 New York, design director
Kelly Bayett, Barking Owl/Henry Kember, Droga5 New York/Victor Monclus-Gonzalez, Droga5 New York, creative directors
Duncan Marshall, Droga5 New York, executive creative director
Tim Gordon/Felix Richter, Droga5 New York, chief creative officers
Soheyla Escher/Kevin Wilkerson, Droga5 New York, strategists
George Bennett/Delphine McKinley/Marvin Miranda/Lily Ng, Droga5 New York, strategy
Jessica Duncan/Graham Jones, Droga5 New York, senior brand strategists
Ben Elkaim/Jacques Simon, Trim, assistant editors
Fouad Gaber, Trim/Taylor Morano, Cosmo Street, editors
Matt Badger, Second Child, senior editor
Eponine Momenceau, Somesuch, director of photography
Artem Nadyozhin, photographer
Hassan Taimur/Rick Walia, Blacksmith, visual effects artists
Jesse Brihn, Droga5 New York/Alex Hulsey, Somesuch/Daniel Wolfe, Somesuch, directors
Nick Freeman, Blacksmith, animator
Paul Wei, Blacksmith, 3-D animator
Dan Flosdorf, Barking Owl, sound designer
Dan Flosdorf/Matt Keith, Barking Owl, audio mixers
Cosmo Sheldrake, music
Tatyana Alexandra, Trim/Ashley Benton, Barking Owl/Elly Camisa, Somesuch/Mateus DeFaria, Droga5 New York/Jewel Estephanos, Somesuch/Laura Mirabella, producers
Michelle Levitch/Grace Wang, Droga5 New York, interactive producers
Bindy St. Leger, Blacksmith, visual effects producer
Isabella Lebovitz, Droga5 New York/Sara Mills, Second Child, senior producers
Charlotte Arnold, Blacksmith/Nicky Barnes, Somesuch/Maura Woodward, Cosmo Street, executive producers
Karen Tshimanga, Droga5 New York, project manager
Emmanuel Perez, Droga5 New York, production artist
Robert Bruce/Ben Kwok/Daniel Morris/Hieu Phan, Blacksmith, digital imaging
Robert Bruce/Iwan Zwarts, Blacksmith, visual effects supervisors
Natasha Kaser/Michael Mockler, Droga5 New York, retouchers
Cosmo Street/Second Child/Trim, editorial companies
Blacksmith, post-production company
Somesuch, production company
Barking Owl, music company
Droga5 New York, ad agency
Megan Barstow/John Chleborad/Stephen Connors/Amy Fuller/Marc-Antoine Jarry/Jill Kramer/Jenny Redohl/Alexis Schmittlein, Accenture, clients

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